VoIP Gateway Considerations

By John Pope

With a challenging economy, it is important to focus on retaining existing customers, reducing costs, and looking for new revenue streams and services. Today, VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) brings many new benefits; however, you also need the proper “gateway” to integrate new features and services.

I see many VoIP implementations that fail to consider the use of intelligent gateways over traditional trunking gateways that just convert VoIP to TDM and vice versa.  While trunking gateways are cheaper than intelligent gateways, the advantages of using an intelligent gateway often outweighs the increased costs.  The following chart outlines the differences and advantages of using an intelligent gateway over a trunking gateway.

Benefit / Feature
Improving Customer Service
Caller Name (CNAME) Yes Yes
Recording of Complete Call Yes No
Recording of Multiparty Conferences Yes No
Automated Notification and Delivery of Messages Yes No
Reducing Costs
SIP Refer/Transfer (TBCT) Yes No
SIP Diversion/One Number Yes No
Number of Pops Supported 1024 5 (Typical)
Nat Traversal – Stun per Connection Yes No
Trunking Limit per Gateway 16 Spans 4 Spans (Typical)
VoIP Limit per Gateway 750 120
Fax Store and Forward at Gateway Yes No
Single Line Transfers from Switch Yes No
Increasing Revenues
Other Voice Services (Skype/Yahoo/AIM) Yes No
FoIP (T38 and G711 per Channel/Call Dynamic) Yes No
Scheduled Routing Based on Date and/or Call Yes No
Click to Call/Caller Routing Based on Campaign Yes No
High-Definition Audio Yes No
Video Conferencing Yes No

As shown in the table, the advantages of using an intelligent gateway are many and should be considered when looking at future business opportunities.  The primary benefits include the opportunities of improving customer service, reducing costs, and increasing revenues.  As VoIP continues to move towards the mainstream and customer needs continue to grow, it is important not to make your sole decision based on your needs today but to also consider the future.

John Pope is the president of CenturiSoft and has been an early implementer of VoIP. You can contact John at 800-866-1929 or john.pope@centurisoft.com.

[From Connection Magazine April 2010]

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