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Telescan Announces Spectrum Updates and New Features

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Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the R1-22 software update. This release provides several updates and introduces some all-new features for Spectrum users. Some of the highlights in this release include:

Prism II has a new destination option available in Prism II’s directory. The new destination format is designed to allow transferring an inbound call to another number upon successful entry of a passcode by the caller.

Some telephone answering service (TAS) managers have reported significant charges on their phone bill after an operator connected a caller to 911 for an emergency. In response to this, outbound calls to 911 are now disabled unless an outbound 911 caller ID is defined in the Prism II switch settings.

Prism II now allows inbound and outbound calls to be put in a parked state. To prevent inadvertent parking of calls, Agent II now prompts the operator to confirm that park is the intended state for the call.

Another new option allows the caller’s name (if available) to display in the call queues window at an agent station and in the Prism II inbound call status screen.

Some network environments place special requirements on the configuration of SIP audio. Agent II now has additional configuration settings that allow for it to adapt to certain special network requirements.

“We were excited to introduce this release at the TUNe conference held in April,” stated Brett Minster, Telescan general manager. “Users will find several enhancements made to the Spectrum system applications.”

Amtelco and Telescan

Telescan was founded in 1976 to make TAS businesses more efficient and profitable. In 2012, Telescan merged with Amtelco. Together, Amtelco and Telescan focus on providing call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations and are backed by top notch service and support. Millions of telephone calls are processed every day by their systems and software in operation in all fifty of the United States and more than twenty foreign countries.

Telescan Introduces Spectrum Health Monitor

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Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the introduction of a new product, the Spectrum Health Monitor. The Spectrum Health Monitor was developed to make life a little easier for their customers.

The Spectrum Health Monitor automates regular troubleshooting steps and basic preventative maintenance to help prevent extended system down time. It actively monitors the individual system 24 hours a day.

The Spectrum Health Monitor can monitor as many applications or services as needed. It is also able to monitor the status of the server to prevent serious issues, such as high CPU usage or low disk space, from becoming an issue that causes an outage. 

“We have created this tool to give our customers greater peace of mind through increased reliability, allowing them to focus on running their business while their Spectrum system runs itself,” stated Brett Minster, Telescan general manager.

Amtelco logo

Amtelco has a strong history in the telemessaging industry and was founded in 1976 to provide communication solutions to the answering service and medical messaging industry. Telescan was founded in 1976 to make TAS businesses more efficient and profitable. In 2012, Telescan merged with Amtelco to provide call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, backed by top notch service and support.

Telescan Announces Auto-Patch of Client Calls Using Secure Apps

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Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced a new feature in development for the Spectrum system for users of the Genesis Prism application: the ability to auto-patch client calls through Prism and present a pre-programmed phone number as the caller ID to the called party.

This feature will provide a straightforward way for clients to make calls directly through Spectrum’s secure messaging apps from their cell phones without revealing their personal cell phone numbers. Support for both Spectrum Secure Delivery and miSecureMessages will be through a common interface.

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or info@amtelco.com.

Telescan Online Technical Certification

The latest Telescan Level 2 technical certification class was on October 20-23. The new on-line version of Level 2 brings a great set of benefits to Telescan Spectrum owners, including system and server knowledge, along with additional support discounts. Level 2 technical certification is available to all Level 1 certified Spectrum sites.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Major Telescan Spectrum Update

In August, Telescan distributed their second major update of 2014 to the Spectrum System. Included are enhancements to the handling of inbound SMS and email, enhancements to the secure delivery messaging feature, and a new Spectrum chart for analyzing targeted service levels and operator productivity. Overall there are sixteen enhancements, plus numerous smaller changes, and improvements to benefit Telescan users and their customers.

In other news, Telescan’s popular Level 1 Technical Training moved to the Internet in June. The TUNe/Telescan joint training program began in 2010 with classroom training. This summer’s two day on-line course had more than thirty attendees and a 100 percent pass rate for the Level 1 Certification exam on day three. Congratulations to the trainees.

Telescan Spectrum Charts

Telescan announced the release of an enhancement to Spectrum Charts – a feature of the Spectrum system that enhances the ability to analyze system and agent performance. Agent labor cost is the single largest expense in the call center and these new charts, which are accessed via a Web browser, let Spectrum users schedule more precisely and quickly adjust staffing to meet call volume. Spectrum Charts also allows for more accurate agent evaluation and validates agent performance metrics.

According to Todd Kamp at Business Centers of Missouri, “Just in Beta testing we’ve identified multiple issues with the way we were staffing and operating. Now that I have this feature I know the exactly what the agents are doing or not doing.”

Spectrum Charts is one of many features included in the Spectrum system with software Release R1-14.

Telescan Spectrum Dialer

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Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the release of Spectrum Dialer, a SIP-based outbound dialer that supports appointment reminders using imported CSV or Excel formatted call sheets.

Once the calls are made and the responses are gathered, Spectrum Dialer automatically emails a summary report to the client showing the results of each person’s confirmation request.

Spectrum Dialer is platform-independent, softswitch-based and works with any call center system.

With Spectrum Dialer call centers can offer customers a cost-effective tool for appointment reminders with the ability to automatically route calls back to the call center for rescheduled appointments or cancellations.

Telescan Moves to New Office Space

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Roger Young, president of Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the move of Telescan’s offices November 1.

“After 25 years in our previous location it was time for a change. The new space provides a more technology-driven environment and better collaboration for our sales, service and software development groups to serve our customers’ needs. Please come and see us in the new location, at 617 Salt Lick Road, St. Peters, Missouri 63376.”

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148.

Bob Zoellner Promoted to GM for Amtelco’s Telescan division in St. Louis

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Tom Curtin, president of Amtelco, and Roger Young, president of Telescan, announced the promotion of Telescan’s Bob Zoellner to the position of general manager for Amtelco’s Telescan division in St. Louis, Missouri.

Zoellner has worked for Telescan for six years as technical services manager. In that position he handled technical services for customers and designed Telescan systems.

As General Manager of Telescan, Zoellner is in charge of day-to-day operations and working with the Wisconsin and Missouri offices to enhance and consolidate services. He is also continuing to work directly with customers to promote the products that meet their needs.

Telescan Spectrum Web Appointment Scheduler and Notifications

Telescan released Spectrum web appointment scheduler and notifications application. Offering convenient appointment handling closely ties clients to their call center. No third-party system is necessary, so the call center is in complete control.

The appointment scheduler programming is easy and handles the full range of appointment schedules including the most difficult protocols. Spectrum web appointment scheduler and notifications is completely web-enabled and includes real-time updates so there are no double bookings.