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Peter Lyle DeHaan Publishes Healthcare Call Center Book

Latest book, Healthcare Call Center Essentials, released earlier this month on June 6, 2022.

Healthcare Call Center Essentials: Optimize Your Medical Contact Center to Improve Patient Outcomes and Drive Organizational Success

The book Healthcare Call Center Essentials is designed for those who want to manage a more effective medical contact center. From daily operations to long-term success, this essential guide will help readers create a thriving contact center that meets the urgent needs of both patients and the medical community.

In it, you can discover how to better manage your team and support achievable strategies to meet goals and support patients and healthcare centers. By implementing the strategies and tips in Healthcare Call Center Essentials, you can improve your daily systems and perfect your contact center operation.

Peter Lyle DeHaan, Publisher and Editor of Connections Magazine

“Though the focus of this book is healthcare contact centers, the content readily applies to call centers in other industries,” DeHaan said. “This includes both corporate and outsource call centers. It’s a vital resource for every call center leader.”

In addition to writing and publishing magazines and books about the call center industry, DeHaan’s lifetime of experience includes managing a multi-location call center, employment with a call center vendor, and consultant for call centers and telephone answering services.

Healthcare Call Center Essentials is available today in e-book, paperback, and hardcover. Get your copy today.

Introducing Connections Magazine 3.0

Discover What’s Next for Connections Magazine

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD

Peter Lyle DeHaan, Publisher and Editor of Connections Magazine

Over its twenty-eight-year history, Connections Magazine has seen many industry changes, with technological innovation leading the way. For industry veterans, recall what your call center looked like three decades ago. It was a vastly different operation from what you have today. We’ve also seen changes on the legislative and legal fronts, as well as heightened expectations from callers. Our workforce has changed too. We’re now much more diverse. With each iteration, we’ve adjusted and adapted to continue to provide critical telephone and related communication services to callers.

During this time, Connections Magazine has gone through many iterations, too, to reflect the needs of our readers and our vendors who make this publication possible. 

Version 1.0

Connections was launched in July 1993 by Steve and Chris Michaels for the “telecom service provider industry.” Published quarterly, Connections was printed on newsprint stock using black ink, with spot color on selected pages. This was Connections Magazine 1.0.

Version 2.0

In September 2001 I took over the reins of Connections Magazine. With the 9/11 attacks in the United States preoccupying my thoughts, I wondered what I had gotten myself into and what the future would look like. Would there even be a need for Connections? Indeed, there would be. Just as the country prevailed and the call center industry expanded, Connections Magazine was there every step of the way.

We increased circulation to six times a year, switched to magazine stock, and went to color on every page. At its zenith, we published Connections Magazine ten times a year, before settling back down to six. As an advertiser-supported magazine, the vendors who promote their services and products on these pages make this publication possible for you, our readers, to enjoy at no cost.

Version 3.0

The year 2020 is a time to remember—or to forget. Our world has gone through unprecedented change, impacting our economy, our jobs, and how we live our lives. Without a road map to guide us, we’re left to blaze our own trail. Since I have been working at home for two decades, my practices and my workflows have remained unchanged this year. But most people have not been so fortunate, needing to make significant adjustments to how they live and how they work.

Connections Magazine has also been impacted in the past year. As valued sponsors of the magazine, Map Communications, Startel, and Amtelco—our key supporters—have been loyal to us without hesitation. They, along with our other advertisers, have allowed us to continue to produce the magazine. Despite this, we’re in a situation where our costs exceed our revenue. It’s time for change. It’s time for Connections Magazine 3.0. But this isn’t the end. It’s a new beginning.

I’m pleased to announce that starting in 2021, Connections Magazine will go online and become an e-publication. Though we’ve been both a print and e-magazine for several years, we’ll now make the switch—like most other publications—and go all digital.

You will be able to read all the content of each issue online as always. We won’t put information behind a paywall and charge you a fee to access it. It’ll be there for free, like always.

We’ll also email you when each of our six annual issues become available. If you want to receive these bimonthly notices, make sure we have your email address. Just go to connectionsmagazine.com/subscribe, enter four pieces of information, and click subscribe. It’s that easy and will only take seconds.

As we look forward to the future of our work and our industry, Connections Magazine will move forward as well. 

Here’s to a great 2021!

Peter Lyle DeHaan is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Connections Magazine. He’s a passionate wordsmith whose goal is to change the world one word at a time. Learn about his books and read more of his articles at  Peter Lyle DeHaan.

Peter DeHaan Expands Blogging Service

Earlier this year, Peter DeHaan, publisher of Connections Magazine and a freelance writer unveiled a new blogging service to provide blog content relevant to call centers, telephone answering services, and customer service organizations. Rates are $25 per post for non-exclusive content in the theme of TAS case studies.

A new category of content is now available in the area of customer service for only $50 per post. Posts are available once a month or more frequently if needed.

Contact Peter at dehaan@connectionsmagazine.com or 616-284-1305 for more information.

News Release: Connections Magazine Overhauls Website for Enhanced Usability and User Experience

Call center website enjoys easier navigation and increased functionality.

Feb. 2, 2015Grand Rapids, Mich.Peter DeHaan Publishing announced the completed overhaul of the Connections Magazine website, ConnectionsMagazine.com. With the new site, content is easier to find, the search feature is more robust, and related content is automatically recommended for each page. Users will benefit by finding more content that is relevant and locating it faster. Readability, on all devices, is also greatly improved.

The new ConnectionsMagazine.com is powered by WordPress software, a leading website platform. “We began planning the conversion in mid-2014 and started the transition last fall,” said Peter DeHaan, PhD. “I’m thrilled with the clean look and easy navigation of the new site. Plus, it is accessible from mobile devices.”

First launched over fifteen years ago, the original site was showing its age, despite a series of ongoing enhancements and visual improvements over the years. “This is our third attempt to completely overhaul the site,” added the magazine’s publisher and editor Peter DeHaan. “The first vendor couldn’t make the graphics work with each of the major browsers, and the second vendor provided a mess that we would never be able to maintain.” Neither of these attempts ever went live.

“With WordPress, we were able to do all the work in-house,” added Peter DeHaan, who served as the project’s chief architect. “We were able to control each step of the process and not move forward until we were sure it was ready.”

With the new platform, the site will now enjoy periodic tweaks to continue to enhance its appeal and usability. “Now that ConnectionsMagazine.com is running on WordPress, making changes will be much easier,” Peter added.

“We’ve always focused on providing excellent call center articles, but the website’s form took a backseat to content,” said Peter. “Now, we have a great website to house our great content.”

The 2,000-page ConnectionsMagazine.com contains a complete archive of every article published in the magazine since 2001 and most of the articles prior to that. In addition to great articles, there is call center vendor information, an industry newsfeed, directories of outsourcing call centers, and several other resources.

News Release: Connections Magazine Announces Three More Profit-Boosting Webinars

Email Marketing Webinar on May 20; Next Two on June 17 and July 15

Connections Magazine logo

May 19, 2014MATTAWAN, Mich. – In their continuing effort to help business owners be more successful amid a crunch of time and resources, Connections Magazine offers more webinars to help. “Participation in the first two webinars exceeded our expectations,” said Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and publisher of Connections Magazine. “Our co-venture with Voltos Business Training Team, to provide free monthly marketing webinars is taking off. This community service is directed at the outsourcing call-center and telephone answering service industry, but the principles apply to most any business.”

The professional webinars are commercial-free; there is no sales pitch at the end and there’s nothing to buy before implementing the ideas.

The next webinar is Tuesday, May 20, at 4 p.m. EDT, 1 p.m. PDT. The topic is “Send and Receive: Email Marketing.”

Other upcoming webinars will cover: “11 Secrets for Using Direct Mail to Grow Your Business and Increase Profits” on June 17 and “7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Get More Visibility and More Clients” on July 15. All webinars start at 4 p.m. EDT, 1 p.m. PDT.

News Release: Connections Magazine Unveils Profit-Boosting Webinars

First How-To-Market Webinar Scheduled for March 18; More to Follow Each Month

Connections Magazine logo

Mattawan, Michigan, March 17, 2014 – Getting more customers is hard and Connections Magazine offers a new free service to help. “Readers are busy running their businesses and often struggle with sales and marketing,” said Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and publisher of Connections Magazine. “In a co-venture with Voltos Business Training Team, we’re providing free monthly marketing webinars as a community service for the outsourcing call-center and telephone answering service industry.”

The webinars are professional, focused, and commercial-free. They cover new online methods plus traditional methods with a profit-boosting twist. Telephone answering service and call center marketing executives can tap into these proven methods revealed in the new Profit Jet Webinars, from Voltos and Connections Magazine.

The first webinar is Tuesday, March 18, at 4 p.m. EDT, 1 p.m. PDT. The topic is “Warning: Are Negative Online Reviews Costing You Sales?” Following it will be “The Three Secrets to Explosive Business Growth!” on April 15 and then “Send and Receive: Email Marketing” on May 20.

Future webinars, on the third Tuesday of each month, include:

  • How to Stand Out in Search Results to Attract Qualified Clients
  • The Seven Common Advertising Mistakes and What to Do About Them!
  • How to Use Follow Up Marketing to Uncover Increased Profits
  • The Best Seven Cheap and Easy Ways to Get More Clients
  • How to Attract Local Customers Through Community Involvement
  • Eleven Best Practices for Direct Mail to Grow Your Business
  • Twenty-seven Easy Ways to Radically Improve Your Website
  • Stop Selling and Start Teaching! Why the Best Marketing Doesn’t Look Like Marketing at All

To learn more about these free webinars, visit to sign-up, view the webinar schedule, and request webinar-notification.

[Connections Magazine is proudly published by Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc, Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD editor.]

News Release: Connections Magazine Announces New Sponsors

Two Leading Call Center Companies Become Sponsors of Premier Contact Center Magazine

March 13, 2014 – Two more top call center companies have become sponsors of Connections Magazine, the leading contact center print magazine. Onvisource and Map Communications have joined Amtelco, Alston Tascom, Professional Teledata, and Szeto Technologies in their high-level support of Connections Magazine.

Connections Magazine, salutes these vendors for their sponsorship of our magazine,” said Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, publisher and editor-in-chief of Connections Magazine and president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc. “They’ve supported the magazine for years and are well-known and respected in the industry. We’re excited for their increased support of our mission to advance the contact center industry.”

OnviSource offers an ecosystem of affordable Workforce Optimization and Automation (WFO-A) solutions for contact centers and enterprises, supported by a set of customer lifecycle assistance services that go beyond conventional customer support programs.

MAP Communications is a US-based and employee-owned virtual receptionist and live 24-hour answering service. MAP Communications has an experienced staff of receptionists and managers. Using their own in-house software and development team, MAP provides greater flexibility in the services and features it provides for their customers.

“All of our six sponsorship slots are now filled,” concluded Peter DeHaan. “Interested companies can be placed on a waiting list for next year and make use of our standard promotional packages this year to share their message with the industry.

For more information, go to www.connectionsmagazine.com.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

News Release: Connections Magazine Invites Guest Bloggers to Post on Call Center Blog

New Blog Keeps Readers Informed, Serving as Focal Point for Industry News and Info

Connections Magazine logo

Mattawan, Michigan – Connections Magazine, the premier print magazine serving as the voice of the call center, contact center, and teleservices industry, is for the first time, accepting guest post submissions for its redesigned blog at connectionsmagazine.com.

The new Connections Magazine blog, powered by industry-leading WordPress software, will continue sharing relevant news of industry events and developments, along with helpful guest posts and commentary. The new site also contains an archive of past posts.

Look for new content throughout the month as it becomes available, including news, event information, and now, guest posts. Additionally, the availability of each issue of Connections Magazine first appears on the blog. Then announcements follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, in addition to distribution via email to Connections Magazine’s growing list of paperless subscribers.

“We’ve worked hard on this new blog and I’m please to finally unveil it – and look for more features in the future,” said Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and publisher of Connections Magazine. “I’m even more excited to accept guest posts that I can share with my friends in the call center, contact center, and teleservices industry.”

Connections Magazine invites interested bloggers with call center experience to share ideas, trends, and commentary. Subscribe to the blog and see the submission guidelines at connectionsmagazine.com.

News Release: Bronze Sponsors of Connections Magazine Announced

Leading Contact Center Vendors Become Bronze Sponsors of Premier Contact Center Magazine

Several leading contact center vendors have stepped up to become sponsors of Connections Magazine, the leading contact center print magazine. In addition to Amtelco, who became a Platinum sponsor in November, new Bronze sponsors, are Alston Tascom, Professional Teledata, Szeto, and Telescan.

“We, at Connections Magazine, salute these vendors for their sponsorship of our publication,” said publisher and editor-in-chief, Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD. “They have all been long time supporters of the magazine and are well-known and respected in the industry.”

Look for profiles of each of these fine companies in upcoming issues of Connections Magazine.

“Only four more sponsorship packages remain,” added Peter DeHaan, who is also president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan,PhD for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

News Release: Amtelco Becomes Connections Magazine Platinum Sponsor

Amtelco Cloud-Based Platform Solution

Industry leading call center vendor becomes first to rise to sponsorship level for premier call center magazine

Connections Magazine is pleased to announce that Amtelco, a leading provider of innovative call center technology, is the first vender to become an official sponsor of its call center magazine. With four sponsorship levels to choose from, Amtelco opted for the highest level, Platinum.

“Amtelco has been a loyal, long-time supporter of Connections Magazine,” stated Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and publisher of Connections Magazine. “When the sponsorship packages were announced, Amtelco saw their value and jumped at the opportunity.

Sponsorship opportunities were announced on October 30. The sponsorship packages include magazine display ads and listings, website banner ads and an individual sponsor page, and exclusive print and online coverage not available to anyone else.

Four levels of sponsorship are available to meet vendors marketing needs and budgets: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Nine sponsorship slots are available. Once these are sold, interested advertisers will be put on a waiting list.

Contact us for more information.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan,PhD for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]