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OnviSource Rolls Out ia.Enterprise

OnviSourceOnviSource announced ia.Enterprise, a new generation of customer experience management (CXM) and business process automation (BPA) integrated solutions. It’s driven by intelligent automation capabilities. The solutions automate the customer journey including the steps before, during, and after customer engagement:

  • Routing to the right service engagement point
  • Interaction and engagement with live agents, intelligent virtual agents, or both
  • Processing that includes business and robotic process automation
  • Customer sentiment analysis using multichannel analytics, trend analysis, social media mentions, and surveys

“We are experiencing an emerging customer environment that is connected, mobile, and demanding, challenging enterprises to better understand their customers’ demands, behavior, and sentiment to positively manage their customers’ experience,” said Ray S. Naeini, CEO and chairman of OnviSource. The ia.Enterprise solutions automatically:

  • Captures data and media from all entities involved in customer journey and business processes
  • Organizes and unifies the capture of big data
  • Analyzes using multichannel analytics and sentiment analysis to create actionable knowledge
  • Makes best decisions and learns over time
  • Launches user-defined actions

Several ia.Enterprise solutions have been deployed and are in use by OnviSource customers.

Vendor Profile: OnviSource


For over a decade OnviSource has delivered reliable, affordable, and innovative solutions for teleservice companies, contact centers, and enterprises, offering premise products and cloud services for front- and back-office applications. With a vision to offer intelligence and automation to enterprises and call centers, the company has delivered workforce optimization (WFO), workforce management (WFM), multichannel analytics, trend analysis, and analytics-based decision-making engines.

It also launched enterprise-wide customer experience management (CXM) solutions, addressing the customer journey at all touchpoints. This includes intelligent and automated customer service routing, customer interaction management, customer service processing, and customer and employee feedback through surveys, social media, and other sources of data.

OnviSource is currently pursuing next-generation innovation in intelligent automation in which complex call center and employee tasks, interactions, and workflows are automated utilizing advanced AI and learning machine technologies, offered to users through cloud and mobile services.

Intelligent Automation: OnviSource has created a nucleus of intelligent automation called iMachine™, which consists of:

  • Integrated intelligence extraction engines, such as speech-to-text, voice biometrics and authentication, diarization, voice classifications, and natural language processing
  • Analytics, including speech analytics, desktop analytics, text analytics and cross-channel analytics
  • Adaptive and learning machine decision-making engines
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) to automate transaction workflows and processes

These provide the core for OnviForce™ (WFO and WFM), OnVision™ (CXM), Automata™ (robotic process and workflow automation), and OnviCom™ (CRM).

Workforce Optimization: OnviForce is a WFO suite of solutions that provides multimedia capture, recording, and monitoring. It generates valuable information, analyzed by multichannel and cross-channel analytics creating actionable knowledge that can automatically or manually act to improve customer interactions, agent performance, compliance management, and back-office transactions. This fully integrated solution includes automated back-up, replication, recovery, redundancy, and load balancing.

Workforce Management: OnviSource’s next generation WFM solution, Persona™, taps information from multiple sources such as calls, chat, email, and back-office workload to prepare optimized workforce scheduling. Persona offers comprehensive features to forecast and schedule inbound and outbound, intraday change management, adherence reports, customizable performance management, and mobility, with tiered portals for employees and agents, as well as supervisors and administrators.

Customer Experience Management (CXM): OnviSource’s OnVision is a comprehensive CXM solution, which captures, unifies, and analyzes all data from customer interactions, transactions, and feedback, as well as information from all systems and entities engaged in providing the service. Actionable knowledge resulting from such massive data analysis is provided to decision-making engines to determine the best next actions and automatically launch them. It includes four segments:

  1. Customer service routing and omni-channel service start with sending the customer service request to the right centers, the right organizations, and the right agents without having customers repeat information.
  2. Customer interaction management and workforce optimization management offer multimedia customer interactions in full compliance, fulfillment in the first interaction, and a positive customer experience.
  3. Customer transaction management and process automation process large volumes of customer service requests and transactions in contact centers and back offices through an RPA approach, resulting in significant efficiency and cost effectiveness with no mistakes.
  4. Customer sentiment discovery and feedback enables the capture and analysis of customer reactions from social media, surveys, and multimedia interactions to discover customer sentiment.

OnVision creates a knowledge base for multichannel data capture (customer routing and enterprise systems such as telecom, CRM, WFO, WFM, and ERP), media capture (such as calls, emails, chat, desktop transactions, and social media) and concludes with customer feedback through surveys, documents, and social media.

OnVision uses this knowledge base for its rule-based and adaptive learning-machine and decision-making engine. At this point agents can be e-coached to make customer-defined next-best actions, or the data can be used by the learning machine as it adapts to changes and automatically launches an appropriate action.

Automata RPA: Automata processes large volumes of customer service requests and transactions. It captures and processes repetitive actions such as filling out online forms, communicating with other systems, triggering actions or responses, and adapting to change or new situations. Automata is a perfect solution for front- and back-office employees who perform repetitive work.

For example, Automata can be a virtual, digital, self-learning and correcting workforce and can auto-populate different types of forms while exchanging information for automated desktop transactions. It can help with automated desktop recording and monitoring and quality assurance tasks associated with different types of customer interactions.

Workflow automation is available with critical event detection and notification. Human error or data omissions become nonexistent. Sharing accurately completed forms and other information from one department to another is seamless.

By automating desktop transactions, Automata removes the drudgery from repetitive and laborious office tasks to improve productivity by freeing employees to work on other important tasks. Automata can also ensure regulatory and workplace compliance for PCI and other sensitive data, while ensuring enhanced workflow automation, including:

  • Robotic transaction processing
  • Automated desktop transaction recording, monitoring, quality assurance (QA)
  • Workflow automation
  • Compliance automation, employee work compliance
  • PCI sensitive data
  • Critical event detection, notification

OnviCom: The OnviCom suite provides cost-effective solutions for critical areas of a teleservice business. Its CRM products provide a broad range of capabilities such as answering service, dispatch, multimedia messaging (email, fax, and SMS), reports, call recording, and operator QA capabilities.

OnviCom provides network interfaces to PRI, T1, and VoIP, including least cost routing to save telecom expenses. Affordable telecom services include DIDs, 800 numbers, Internet, PRI, T1, and long distance, with a seamless transition to VoIP and SIP trunking to offer more features, flexibility, and cost savings.

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging: OnviSource’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging maintains private communication and full message privacy with end-to-end encryption, verification, and data integrity through SSL, as well as a web-based secure messaging server accessed by clients through encrypted passwords and other security measures. OnviSource offers additional interfaces with third-party secure messaging providers for its clients to retain existing customers and expand revenues.

Disaster Recovery: OnviSource provides disaster recovery programs in the event that a site becomes inoperable. Clients can upload their database and route their agents to the OnviSource system to maintain business continuity until their site is again operational.

Flexible Financing: OnviSource provides a streamlined payment program (up to forty-eight months of extended payment terms and favorable interest rates) for the purchase of its products and services tailored to fit each customer’s specific financial plans. Monthly savings realized by transitioning to VoIP can be applied to the monthly extended payment program and may deliver a net zero cash result.

Customer Lifecycle Assistance Service: OnviSource is committed to achieving customer loyalty and satisfaction through value-based service programs. The company’s commitment is demonstrated through OnviCare™. OnviCare is implemented by a fully empowered team responsible for its offered services. It is monitored by OnviSource’s executive team to assure its success. This results in a high customer satisfaction level and loyalty.

OnviCare consists of customer-centric services designed to provide excellent customer support and offer programs that deliver operation and business solutions to its customers. This includes requirement analysis, ROI analysis, free trials, financial support, IT and telecom solutions, technical support, and best-practice webinars. OnviCare encompasses service programs developed to support its customers’ efforts to be successful in every aspect of their business and provide the best possible customer experience.

Consulting and Professional Service Programs: OnviSource understands the complexity and the challenges customers face when they try to analyze problems and select a true solution that can meet all aspects of their operational and business needs.

The Advantage Program assists customers with these complicated business issues. It helps analyze specific needs plus identify the root causes, select the solution, justify it, and implement it to properly work for each unique situation. The program uses a client’s own data, processes, and methodologies.

The Advantage Program helps customers select the right solutions, implementations, and ROI recognition of products and solutions to fit their requirements. This includes multichannel analytics and data mining solutions, provisioning of application analysis, ROI analysis, project planning, customization, pilot programs, and business continuity and assurance measures.

OnviSourceOnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO): OnviSource sponsors the OEO user group. OEO members are OnviSource product users, strengthening their investments in OnviSource solutions. This relationship continues to enhance the company’s ability to better serve its customers with their specific technology needs.OnviSource delivers innovative solutions for teleservice companies and contact centers. Click To Tweet


OnviSource to Support Multi and Cross-Channel Analytics

OnviSource selected and integrated the Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE) for the OnviSource speech-to-text (STT) and transcription product, Captora™. Accurate speech-to-text conversion performed by Captora is crucial to OnVision’s text analytics, responsible for big data management, data mining, and trend analysis. Captora taps the power and accuracy of NTE to quickly transform massive amounts of voice and audio into text for rapid search and indexing by OnVision’s text analytics.

OnviSource offers OnVision™ to capture, unify, and analyze all data and media from the entire customer journey, including all systems and all multichannel customer interactions. The resulting actionable knowledge and trends are then used by OnVision’s decisionmaking engines for the automated launch of decisions and actions.

“OnviSource continuously investigates and evaluates the best STT engines available from the right partners in order to power its Captora transcription product,” said Art Yri, CTO of OnviSource. “Nuance Transcription Engine was selected and integrated to power our Captora after an extensive evaluation by OnviSource and due to its speed and accuracy.”

OnviSourceOnviSource enabled companies to costeffectively connect, interact, capture, unify, analyze, and automate their entire customer interactions and transactions.

OnviSource Named “Hot Vendor” for Third Consecutive Year

OnviSourceSource announced that Ventana Research, a benchmark research firm, has recognized the company as “Hot Vendor” in the “2016 Workforce Optimization Value Index Report.” This recognition reinforces the company’s progress and commitment to enhancing the customer experience through innovations in enterprise workforce optimization, automation, and unification solutions.

This is the third consecutive year OnviSource has received an overall “Hot Vendor” ranking. The company also received a “Hot Vendor” in six out of seven designated Ventana Research categories, based on the company’s overall WFO platform.

“OnviSource is honored to receive the Hot Vendor ranking again this year. We continue to invest in enhancing products for the workforce optimization market and further expansion and development into customer experience management and other advanced business analytics solutions,” said Ray Naeini, chairman and CEO of OnviSource. “We do our utmost to assist our customers with the ability to react swiftly to their changing business needs, based on sound decisions, and created from multichannel and cross-channel analytics transformed into cognitive customer experience management.”

“We are pleased to award OnviSource the Hot Vendor ranking again this year. The company continues to release new and innovative products that enhance customer value, solidifying its role in the WFO market,” commented Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer, Ventana Research. “OnviSource is well-equipped to capitalize on the growing demand for workforce optimization and analytics in the industry with a strong value proposition and wide range of solutions.”

OnviSource OnVision Analytics Solution to Transform WFO

OnviSourceOnviSource announced a new enterprise analytics solution called OnVision, which leverages its OnviCenter suite of workforce optimization (WFO) products to deliver information and trend analysis related to customer interactions and experience across all channels and customer touch points.

The transition of WFO to this new approach, called Customer Experience Management (CXM), requires an omni-channel method to capture relevant customer experience data from every channel, including calls, emails, chats, desktop transactions, customer surveys, and social media. However, capturing 100 percent of information from all channels can produce a massive amount of data, or big data.

The OnVision omni-channel and cross-channel analytics can greatly assist managing the big data. OnVision automatically analyzes the captured data from each channel and produces channel-dependent actionable knowledge. This is followed by OnVision’s cross-channel analytics delivering channel-agnostic, unified, and cohesive actionable knowledge and trends across all channels.

“OnVision consolidates and filters customer interaction data across the entire enterprise into seamless, usable, and actionable data,” said Ray Naeini, CEO and chairman, OnviSource, Inc. “It is the next step in the evolution of workforce optimization and big data management, providing a customer centric approach to customer loyalty and improved satisfaction.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

OnviSource and OEO to Hold 8th Annual Meeting

OnviSourceOnviSource and members of the OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) Association will gather in the spirit of “Transforming the Telephone Answering Service” at the Hilton Dallas Park Cities in Dallas, TX, April 4-6, 2016.

Attendees will have the opportunity to expand their product knowledge during the first day of educational training sessions. These sessions will highlight benefits and advantages of new product features and enhancements. In addition users will have the opportunity to pose questions directly to OnviSource service engineers regarding their particular systems and technical environment.

OnviSource will act as host on day two of the event during a site visit at their newly expanded headquarters in Plano, Texas. Business meetings, a tour of the facility and call center, and a hands-on demonstration of the new OnviCom™ teleservices platform will keep participants up-to-date on the latest OnviSource technology solutions. Giveaways and cash prizes will be awarded throughout the day.

An open roundtable discussion will encourage the peer-to-peer interaction that makes user groups so invaluable. “Many users have come to these meetings and picked up insights, tips, and tricks that have made or saved them thousands of dollars,” stated OEO association board president, Darren McGillvrey. “We expect a strong turnout this year and look forward to getting our users together face-to-face for fun and learning.”

Breaking away from the necessary business sessions, users and OnviSource team members will gather for cocktails and dinner for relaxed fun, entertainment and personal interaction.

For more information, contact Dan L’Heureux at 763-473-0210 or dan@callconsult.net.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

OnviSource Implements Transacta Solution for CMD

OnviSourceOnviSource has successfully implemented its Transacta™ automated data transaction and unification solution for CMD (construction management data). Transacta automatically captures, associates, and unifies pertinent events and data to the lifecycle of a transaction. OnviSource helped optimize content to enable CMD to seamlessly integrate call transaction data with customer transactions in Saleforce.com, a customer relationship management platform. The project delivered single point-and-click access to all data associated with the customer transaction journey.

Several additional OnviSource software products were also employed to provide an integrated workforce optimization (WFO) solution, including call recording, quality assurance, desktop analytics, and PCI-DSS compliance. Transacta normalizes, unifies, and deposits the data in Salesforce.com, improving productivity when processing of transactions. Transacta compiles, tracks, and provides a holistic view of the entire customer transaction journey throughout multiple stages and across applications of the entire enterprise.

“Today’s enterprises utilizing multi-site owned or outsourced contact centers – each center using multi-vendor and different PBX, ACD, WFO, CRM or other enterprise platforms – are confronted with massive big data management.” said Art Yri, OnviSource CTO. “Centralizing the presentation, and normalizing and analyzing the data and information regardless of the type of platform, improves costs, operations, and customer engagements.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

OnviSource Announces OnviCom

OnviSource announced OnviCom™, a cost-effective, all-inclusive, and integrated suite of products providing an end-to-end solution for customer interaction applications, teleservice companies, and answering services. OnviCom is an integral part of the OnviCenter suite of solutions. It’s powered by the company’s latest OnviCenter 7 platform and its newly announced OnviLink user experience, which offers unified user interfaces, reports and dashboards, collaborative management, and application automation.

OnviCom is a direct response to the growing market demand in unification of customer interaction management and customer journey, in which customers’ transactions are processed and tracked in an integrated environment, consisting of telecom platforms, CRM applications, and workforce optimization (WFO) software. Additionally, OnviCom offers a cloud-ready platform by providing capabilities such as IP-based technologies, security measures, web services, VMware, and multi-tenant applications.

“Today’s enterprises require a unified and an end-to-end solution when interacting with their customers, demanding an integrated ecosystem of network interfaces, PBX features, CRM applications and WFO capabilities, all seamlessly working together,” said Ray Naeini, OnviSource chairman and CEO. “Our OnviCom suite of solutions fully utilizes the latest advancements in software, web services, Internet, and VoIP technologies in order to create such a unified ecosystem.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

OnviSource Releases OnviLink 3.0

OnviSourceOnviSource announced a new version of OnviLink, an enhanced user and manager experience for all OnviSource Workforce Optimization and Automation solutions. OnviLink 3.0 is a standard component of every OnviSource implementation and is the main interface, or portal, to the entire OnviCenter 7 suite of products and solutions.

OnviLink extends the workforce optimization and automation applications to also offer a unified, collaborative, and automated environment for managers, call center agents, and back office employees, aiming at creating productivity and excellence in the user experience. Its primary benefits are unified user interfaces, advanced information center, automation, and collaborative management.

“Completing this important milestone reinforces OnviSource’s commitment to offer solutions that are easy to use and deploy, while delivering added value to our customers,” said Art Yri, OnviSource chief technical officer. “With OnviLink 3.0, OnviSource is providing our customers with a totally integrated and robust accessibility for all their workforce optimization needs, including call recording, QA, multichannel analytics, operation continuity, unification, and automation.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

OnviSource Celebrates Ten Years

OnviSourceOnviSource celebrates its tenth anniversary on November 4, with year-over-year success and an increase in market share and customer base. This is due to its innovation, new products and services, and a commitment to customer care. OnviSource has been followed by multiple industry analysts, a sign of the industry’s recognition of the company’s market position.

In the last ten years, OnviSource’s has expanded in the sectors of teleservice, workforce optimization and automation, multichannel analytics, big data management, enterprise-wide transaction unification, and HIPAA-compliant secure messaging. The new OnviCenter 7™ platform and suite of add-on solutions have strengthened the company’s position in the industry. OnviSource’s outsourcing division has been ranked number one or two by major clients and established a strong foundation for growth and profitability.

“It is truly gratifying to see our vision for OnviSource come to life in such a positive fashion,” said chairman and CEO, Ray Naeini. “Nevertheless, completing our tenth year is only the first major milestone for OnviSource. Building on strong achievements in the last several years, our team experienced growth and success in offering integrated solutions in new markets, as well as in our traditional areas of contact center, outsourcing, and teleservice.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]