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Etech Global Services Earns Technovation Award

Etech Global Services, a business process outsourcer, announced they are the winners of the PACE 2014 Technovation Award. The Technovation Award recognizes innovation in products and services within the call center industry. Etech Global Services received this award for their Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE) platform. The platform is targeted for the click-to-chat, email fulfillment, and inbound voice markets utilizing click-to-talk functionality.

Architected for open communications, ICE can integrate with virtually any system using their industry leading SANDRA component. ICE has been created to be efficient and simplistic by design, but complex in capabilities. This means that little user training is required so more attention may be focused on the customer experience.

Of the many unique capabilities released this Spring, ICE’s ability to securely capture confidential information garnered the most attention. Next was ICE’s ability to directly interface with backend systems. “As a leading business process outsourcer, Etech Global Services is thrilled to be the recipient of the Technovation Award,” said , vice president of enterprise technology solutions at Etech Global Services.

Learn more a at www.etechgs.com or www.enterice.com.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Etech Recognized for Commitment to Customers and Community

Etech Global Services, a process outsourcer, was selected for the 2013 Texas Excellence Award by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC). The SBIEC conducts annual business surveys and industry research to identify successful companies in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community.

“Etech’s mission is to make a remarkable difference for our customers, our employees, and within our communities,” said Matt Rocco, Etech’s president and chief operating officer. “We are honored to receive this award that recognizes and validates our strong business ethics and commitment to our quality processes.”

Etech has a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by SBIEC marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks for the industry to follow.

As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a yearlong immersion in the business climate of Texas.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Etech Global Services Launches My Social Chatter

Etech Global Services, a business process outsourcer, launched their new social commerce platform, MySocialChatter, which allows small and mid-size businesses access to the type of social media and customer information only large organizations could previously afford.

MySocialChatter monitors a company’s brand across the Web and social networks. It has several user-engagement modules that help turn those fans into paying customers. The SaaS Platform includes: a comprehensive listening engine, engagement tools, coupon distribution, and results analysis.

“The world of social media, Internet shopping, and online gossip is open 24 hours a day. If any business is not monitoring around the clock, there’s plenty that is being missed. Companies we work with are expressing an increasing desire to know what people are saying about them online, and where it is possible, they are looking to rapidly respond and engage with those customers,” said Matt Rocco, president and COO of Etech Global Services. “We are very excited to have worked with the team at SocialStrategy1 to bring MySocialChatter to the marketplace. Small, medium, or large, My Social Chatter will help meet your needs.”

MySocialChatter was developed in partnership with SocialStrategy1 to bring a cost effective, yet powerful social media commerce platform to the SMB market.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Etech Handled 10 Million Chat Sessions In 2011

Etech Global Services announced that they surpassed 10 million live chat sessions in 2011. Founded in 1997, Etech Global Services provides contact center and BPO services to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. In 2000, Etech was one of the first business process outsourcers to offer live chat services, in addition to voice and email support.

“We have learned a lot over the years,” said Matt Rocco, President and COO of Etech Global Services. “With over 10 million chat sessions under our belt in 2011 alone, we are well-versed in what it takes to provide a quality experience that leads to improved revenue and lower costs.”

Although an Internet presence has the power to revolutionize an industry, many companies find that customers leave their websites without purchasing. Studies show that the customer experience is significantly improved by providing online chat service reps to answer questions, provide additional information, and resolve customer issues. Additionally, companies investing in chat programs not only received an increase in conversion rates, but were able to reduce their inbound call volumes by more than twenty percent.

For more information, visit www.etechgs.com.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

ATA-SRO Seal of Accreditation Awarded to Etech Global Services

Etech Global Services, a global business process outsourcer, has received the ATA-SRO Seal of Accreditation. The ATA-SRO incorporates aspects of governmental regulations and consumer protection rules for contact centers. The goal of the ATA-SRO is to assure a positive teleservices experience for consumers and provide an objective system that reinforces companies’ commitment to government compliance.

Companies seeking the highest caliber of customer care, best practices and compliant behavior can apply to receive the ATA-SRO Seal of Accreditation. Knowing that Etech’s contact center is providing the highest level of care and compliance protects both Etech and its clients from potential fines, penalties, attorney fees and resource costs resulting from non-compliant behavior.

“We are highly committed to quality customer care and compliancy,” said Matt Rocco, President of Etech Global Services. “The ATA-SRO Accreditation process took over a year and will be a large commitment to maintain. However, this is just one of a number of steps we are taking to ensure that Etech Global Services provides best practice support to our clients.”

Etech Global Services (www.etechgs.com) is one of only fifteen contact centers in the world to achieve this impressive accreditation.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Etech Launches Technology Division

Etech, Inc., a global business process outsourcer, recently launched Etech Technology Solutions (ETS).  Etech recognized that in today’s competitive market, many organizations continue to face challenges in not only maintaining their existing IT infrastructure but in scaling to meet the needs of a global market.

Matt Rocco, COO stated, “ETS was developed to help businesses accelerate service delivery while maintaining cost-effectiveness.  For the last ten years, Etech’s internal technology team did just that for Etech and many of our clients as an add-on service.  The solutions we developed enabled Etech, and our clients, to maximize system and infrastructure potential.”

After careful consideration and persistent demand from new clients, Etech officially launched this newest division as a stand-alone offering.  ETS will complement Etech’s other core services involving contact center solutions and back-office processing.

Rocco added, “I am pleased to announce that Ronnie Mize will lead this new division as the vice president of Etech Technology Solutions.”  Promoted from within Etech, Mr. Mize has over 20 years of experience in various technology leadership positions as well as extensive experience in technology development and deployment along with implementation of business processes and defined methodology.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Etech, Inc Wins Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award

Etech, Inc., a global business process outsourcer, won the outstanding corporate citizen award from the ATA (American Teleservices).  This honor is given to businesses for their philanthropic impact in the community through direct and indirect support of charitable projects.  Etech leaders demonstrated a high level of community spirit and participation, motivating employees and colleagues to support and participate in charitable activities.

“Etech has always been a leader in serving and giving back to our communities,” said Matt Rocco, Etech’s chief operating officer.  “Etech has distinguished itself as a dedicated corporation with a heart towards charitable activities and an engaged community spirit.”

During working hours, Etech’s 2300 employees assist many leading companies with their customer support activities.  During free time, Etech’s management and employees can be found raising funds and swinging hammers for Habitat for Humanity, cleaning up local highways, participating in food drives, and working with underprivileged children.

“Etech makes a difference in their community,” stated Tim Searcy, CEO of the ATA.  “As the perpetual sponsor of our national event philanthropy program, Etech leads the way for the entire industry.”

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Etech Expands Bilingual Contact Center in Pasadena, TX

Etech, Inc., a global business process outsourcer, announced plans to continue expansion of their dedicated bilingual contact center in the Houston suburb of Pasadena, Texas.

In 2007, recognizing an opportunity to service Hispanic customers, Etech established a bilingual contact center, starting with 20 team members doing outbound sales.  Today the center has grown to over 100 team members doing outbound and inbound sales, customer service, and web chat for clients in a variety of industries.  It is expected that by the end of 2010 the center will grow to over 250 team members.

“The city of Pasadena has been wonderful to work with and they continue to demonstrate they can provide the labor market to meet the demands of our customers,” stated Matt Rocco, Chief Operating Officer.  “The fastest growing demographic group in the US is Hispanic.  Presently, they spend about $700 billion dollars annually and are expected to surge to over $1 trillion per year by the end of the decade.  The team members we continue to recruit in Pasadena are highly talented, fluent in both English and Spanish and have great attitudes.”

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]