CAM-X 2015 Call Centre Award of Distinction Winners

The CAM-X Call Centre Award of Distinction addresses customer relationship management (CRM), courtesy, etiquette, and professional call handling in call centers. This program focuses on call centers that provide order entry, fulfillment, registration, surveys, Web applications, escalated emergency response, reservations, and help desk services. It’s a mystery caller program using two independent judges with predetermined scoring criteria to evaluate calls. The 2015 CAM-X Call Centre Award of Distinction winners are:

  • Focus Telecommunications, Inc., Eldersburg, MD
  • AnswerPlus Hamilton, Hamilton, ON
  • AnswerPlus Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • Extend Communications Inc., Brantford, ON
  • Time Communications, White Bear Lake, MN
  • Intercon Messaging Inc., Drayton Valley, AB
  • Answer 1, Phoenix, AZ
  • Sure Call Contact Centers, Calgary, AB
  • Select Call Centre – Alberta, Edmonton, AB
  • Connections Call Center, Squamish, BC

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Contact Center Performance Football Challenge Primed for Inaugural Season

TouchPoint One, provider of the Acuity Cloud Contact Center Performance Management solution announced its first annual A-Game Contact Center Performance Football Challenge. Tailgate parties, pep rallies, and other pre-game events are taking place at contact centers across the United States and offshore while operations supervisors and managers devise winning strategy and execution plans in advance of this week’s A-Game inaugural season start. Behind the scenes, the TouchPoint One A-Game program success team is finalizing league setups, supporting client league commissioners, and coordinating the mix of personnel, technology and systems that ensure smooth and stable A-Game operations.

“The A-Game season 1 kick-off is finally here – an exciting milestone for TouchPoint One that’s been a full year in the making,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Witnessing supervisors, agents and contact center management focused on performance and strategy with such confidence and enthusiasm is very gratifying – and precisely the business and competitive dynamic we sought to foster with A-Game.”

A-Game uses structured individual and team-level competition to measurably boost employee engagement, improve business results and enhance the customer experience. A-Game is an integrated module within the Acuity contact center performance management platform.

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VoiceNation Releases Open Source Call Answering Software

VoiceNation recently launched their OpenAnswer call answering software. For the past fifteen years, VoiceNation has helped call centers navigate the waters of “going open source.” With the release of OpenAnswer, the call center industry will have a collaborative solution made freely available to the public.

OpenAnswer uses leading technology and open standards without the restrictions of binding contracts, so call centers can have complete control over their operations. This is the same software used at VoiceNation’s call center.

OpenAnswer is freely available to download, install, and modify. There are no licensing fees, and call center owners get unlimited seats and scalability in their call centers. Since it is open source, call center owners can share their code changes with the budding OpenAnswer user community.

“Agent stations will no longer cost thousands of dollars to deploy. Nor will call center owners be tied into vendor contracts. With OpenAnswer, call center owners get the flexibility they need without the one-size-fits-all software constraints,” said Jay Reeder, CEO.

For more information, visit

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Signius Announces Two New Directors

Signius Communications president and CEO William Robertshaw announced two major promotions. Chris Moschella has taken over as the new director of operations, while Chris Gronberg has become the company’s director of sales. Both men bring a substantial amount of industry experience and expertise to their new roles.

Mr. Moschella has been active in the telephone answering service industry since 1988, and his career to date has encompassed a diversity of responsibilities, including operations, IT, and sales. Mr. Gronberg has ten years’ experience in the call center industry, having served as national sales executive and national sales manager during this time.

Signius Communications supplies a broad array of contact center and answering services for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Signius’ answering service provides 24-hour live agents to receive and manage incoming calls and emails, as well as multiple delivery options for relaying messages. The company’s call center service provides order entry, help desk, dealer locator, disaster backup and corporate hotlines, as well as credit card security breach, corporate product recall and direct TV support. Signius tailors all services to the individual needs of each client; bilingual agents are available.

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NobelBiz, Inc. Launches Enhanced Website; Offers Free Product Trial

Gordon Krass, president and CEO of NobelBiz, Inc., announced the launch of their revamped website to improve customers’ overall experience. Visitors to are invited to sign up for a 30-day free trial of any NobelBiz long distance service. The new site features resources for contact centers and businesses of all sizes. The website’s easy-to-use, redesigned format allows visitors to access content from tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices. Viewing and downloading information about each of the company’s compliant products is now simpler than ever. Under the new “Connect With Us” page, visitors can quickly and conveniently identify upcoming conventions and networking events that NobelBiz plans to attend.

“The constant changes in regulations in our industry can become overwhelming for companies to keep up with. In an effort to provide educational content related to compliant technology to visitors, our team is proud to present a new look and content to,” said NobelBiz, Inc. executive vice president Scott Murray.

NobelBiz provides long distance carrier services and hosted or premise contact center software solutions like predictive dialing, inbound features with IVR/ACD, web chat, email, SMS all in a blended environment.

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Golden Gate BPO Opens Multi-Channel Contact Center in Hermosillo, Mexico

Golden Gate BPO Solutions, a global provider of customer management and business process outsourcing solutions, added a state-of-the-art, multi-channel contact center with a current capacity of 550 workstations, scalable to 1,000 workstations, in Hermosillo, Mexico. Golden Gate BPO’s most recent expansion was facilitated via an operating partnership with Listen Up Español (LUE), a Portland, Maine-based organization that expanded to the Hermosillo region in 2006. LUE primarily focuses on serving the U.S. Hispanic market through Spanish-language online marketing and direct response industry sales and support services.

In addition to tapping LUE’s existing shared-services capabilities, Golden Gate BPO spearheaded the creation of a dedicated services division, focusing on the company’s expansion into high quality English and Spanish inbound customer service, technical support, and sales. Stephen Ferber, Golden Gate BPO managing partner, stated, “The combination of Hermosillo being an excellent near-shore location with a highly educated and motivated bilingual workforce, LUE’s experience handling a wide mix of complex call types, and their ability to manage unpredictable, spiky, and seasonal volumes provides us with the perfect backbone to roll out our multi-channel dedicated services division.”

Hermosillo is Mexico’s sixteenth largest city, with 715,000 residents and a bilingual labor force of 230,000.

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S4 Communications Names Ray Levitzki as VP of Operations

S4 Communications of Houston announces its new vice president of operations over Texas region, Ray Levitzki. Formerly the senior vice president of Etech GCS, Ray brings 20+ years of call center industry experience to his new position. During his career, Ray has led account operations with a virtual “who’s who” of companies such as ATT, Verizon, TWC, and Capital One. His expertise with domestic and international initiatives will complement the international growth that S4 Communications has realized in 2014.

S4 Communications provides telecommunications services to a select group of Fortune 500 companies. The firm has been responsible for bringing more than 500 jobs to the Houston Area. With call centers in Houston, Longview, Columbus Georgia, and Manila, S4 Communications has realized consistent annual growth since its inception.

Founded in 2008, S4 Communications is a minority-certified company. For additional information on S4 Communications, visit

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Pacific Northwest BPO Warns About Call Recording Compliance

Sound Telecom, a nationwide business process outsourcer, has published a comprehensive article “Three Things Every Business Owner Should Know about Call Recording Notification Compliance,” which delineates the seriousness of two-party call recording notification regulations. Businesses are at increasing risk of direct legal action for failure to comply with current federal and state requirements. A spate of lawsuits has recently sprung from the State of California. Most of these actions are based on a little-known provision of the California Penal Code involving calls made to or from customers who are using mobile phone devices. Statutory civil penalties can be steep – up to $5,000 per incident for any violation of the statutes.

“Both businesses and the call center industry are in danger,” stated Michael LaBaw, Sound Telecom’s president and founder. “Fines of $5,000 per recording violation can quickly put an operation out of business. That is why we, in the best interest of our customers, have a well-developed notification program that adheres to the strictest interpretation of both federal and state requirements for all 50 States.”

Read the article at

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Golden Gate BPO Solutions Expands into Belize

Golden Gate BPO Solutions added a multi-channel contact center with a capacity of 550 workstations in Belize. The Belize City location will initially handle inbound customer service and sales support calls, primarily in English, that originate in the United States.

Golden Gate BPO’s expansion into Belize comes via an operating partnership with Transparent BPO, a group who entered the region in 2009 and spent the last four years assembling a management team, enhancing operational best practices, and constructing a state-of-the-art contact center facility, setting the standard in Belize.

Golden Gate BPO Managing Partner, Stephen Ferber, said the country of Belize offers many benefits to its clients. “As one of the few countries where English is the official language, Belize is an ideal location for companies’ call center needs,” stated Ferber. “Belize City is the educational hub of the country and offers a refined and well-trained workforce with excellent English speaking skills. Education in Belize is highly encouraged and a majority of students go from what we would consider high school in the United States right into an associate’s degree program, from which call center jobs have become highly sought after positions.”

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Zero Variance Expands its Honduras Facilities

Zero Variance expanded capacity of its Honduras operations located in Tower 1 of the Altia Business Park to meet the need for increased capacity. The expanded facilities can accommodate 700 associates. Patrick Conner, CEO of Zero Variance said, “We chose Honduras two years ago because of the large English-speaking population, strong post-secondary bi-lingual education system, and reliable communications infrastructure. Additionally, our strong partnership with Altia Business Park has provided best in class infrastructure and support resources unparalleled worldwide. We and more importantly, our clients, have been extremely satisfied with the caliber of talent we have found here.”

Marshall Ogen, vice president, business development, added, “With our expansion, we have a state of the art operation that is both client-friendly and quite flexible for implementing programs in a fully PCI-compliant environment.”

According to Tim Devereux, EVP of Zero Variance, “The expansion of the Honduras operation is a direct result of the high quality talent pool we’ve found in San Pedro Sula. Their ability to deliver meaningful results to our clients has allowed us to offer a very cost effective solution for generating business intelligence.”

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