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News Release: Connections Magazine Unveils Advertiser Sponsorship Packages

Exclusive Marketing Packages Offer Privileged Promotional Opportunities to Key Advertisers

Connections Magazine logo

Mattawan, Michigan – Connections Magazine is offering call center vendors premium advertising and promotional sponsorship packages. The sponsorship packages include magazine display ads and listings, website banner ads and an individual sponsor page, and exclusive print and online coverage not available to anyone else. Four levels of sponsorship are available to meet vendors’ marketing needs and budgets: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

“I’m excited to be offering these to Connections Magazine advertisers,” stated Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and publisher of Connections Magazine. “We offered similar opportunities at our sister publication, AnswerStat, starting in 2007. It’s been a hugely successful program—and it’s now time to roll it out for our chief supporters of Connections.”

The sponsorship packages offer privileged marketing opportunities to key advertisers and they accomplish this in a cost-effective way. “The cost of the sponsorship is less than buying each item separately,” stated DeHaan, “and that’s not even including the exclusive items in the packages—they’re an added bonus.”

“With five years of experience offering sponsorship packages to our leading AnswerStat advertisers, we have the knowledge to craft an optimum plan for Connections Magazine,” concluded DeHaan.

Contact us to learn more.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

News Release: Peter DeHaan Keynote Speaker at SNUG

Industry Leader to Address Major Telephone Answering Service User Group

Connections Magazine logo

Mattawan, Michigan – The Startel National Users Group (TeamSNUG) announced that Dr. Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD will be a featured speaker at TeamSNUG’s 25th Annual Conference being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico March 11-14, 2012. The conference, which is open to both members and non-members, will include sessions on our industry as well as platform-specific educational and training sessions geared specifically for TAS owners, managers, and technical staff.

“We are honored to have Dr. DeHaan at our event and we are excited to hear his thoughts about the future of the TAS industry and how we can prepare for it,” said TeamSNUG Conference Chair Cameron Reichert.  “Having Dr. DeHaan as our keynote speaker rounds out an already value-packed conference schedule.  His session will be enlightening to anyone in the TAS industry.  We welcome our members, non-members as well as anyone interested in utilizing the Startel platform.”

Peter DeHaan has a PhD in business administration and is the owner of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc, which whose periodicals include Connections Magazine, TAS Trader, and AnswerStat, as well as web-based media and informational sites.

For more information visit www.PeterDeHaan.com and www.TeamSNUG.org.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

A Lament, a Resolution, and a Great Idea

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD

Author Peter Lyle DeHaan

In my recent blog entry “Express Mail is Urgent and Should Be Delivered Immediately – Unless Fuel Is Expensive” I complained about a perplexing development from the United States Postal Service (USPS).

A Lament: Each month the USPS sends me two Express Mail deliveries. Each contains a CD of address changes, one for this magazine and the other for its sister publication, AnswerStat. It is a service that I happily subscribe to in order to keep our mailing lists as up-to-date as possible, helping ensure deliverability.

I really like the service, but I dislike Express Mail because I am required to sign for the deliveries. If I’m on the phone or out of the office when the mail arrives, then I have to wait until the next day. Moreover, signing for the packages always interrupts something seemingly more important.

When my deliveries arrived this month, I was out of the office. The carrier left my other mail and a card notifying me about my Express Mail packages. I expected them to be delivered the next day as was always done in the past, but they weren’t – or the day after that, or the rest of the week. I wasn’t concerned. Even though “Express Mail” sounds urgent, in my case it’s usually not. All I need to do is make sure that I have processed the updates prior to submitting the mailing list for the next issue; in this instance I had a three-week cushion.

Eventually, my local post office called to say that if I didn’t pick up my packages, they would be returned to the sender. Before I could ask them to simply deliver them, the postmaster explained that because of high fuel prices, they would only make one delivery attempt.

That’s nonsense – because they deliver mail to me every day. It’s not really going to take extra gas to drop off my Express Mail at the same time. How idiotic – and ironic, given that the package says, “Extremely Urgent – Please Rush to Addressee.” They should be encouraging people to use mail, not discourage it. But not delivering Express Mail in order to save fuel is a great reason for people to seek alternative carriers. Even more puzzling is that my carrier drives her own vehicle, and I understand that she pays for gas; the USPS merely pays mileage, so in this instance their costs don’t change, regardless of the price of gas.

A Resolution: When I picked up my “Extremely Urgent” Express Mail Packages the next week, I tactfully complained. “I can appreciate that it’s a hassle for the carrier to have to get my signature, but it’s also a huge hassle for me. It’s there any way to work around this?”

I was excited when she quickly acknowledged a remedy; I was just as quickly dismayed when she explained it. The solution was simply asking the sender (in this case, another part of her own organization) to not require a signature. I tried not to snicker; I had made that request years ago only to be smugly told that a signature was a mandatory requirement of the address change service.

Nevertheless, out of sheer frustration and slightly encouraged by my postmaster, I tried again. I expected it to be a long, daunting task. The first dilemma was where to begin. I looked at my bill – yes, the USPS charges me for each address change notice that they send me. I called the number on the bill. The person who answered was challenged at comprehending my question and perplexed about where to even transfer my call. To her credit, she did spend time trying to obtain a baseline of comprehension so she could correctly route my call. After we played “Twenty Questions,” she transferred me.

The second person comprehended what I wanted but confirmed that she was not the person to help me. She transferred me to a third person.

This individual was in the correct department. She understood my question – and told me that suppressing the signature requirement wasn’t an option. Her confident solution was for me to simply tell my carrier that it was okay to leave the package in my mailbox without a signature. I countered with the words of my local postmaster. With a somewhat restrained sigh, she halfheartedly promised to check into it and call me back. I was seemingly no closer to a solution, but at least I wouldn’t be transferred again.

To my surprise, she called back that same day with good news. The signature requirement could indeed be suppressed. All I needed to do was send her this request via email. I quickly dispatched the message, and she soon replied with a confirmation that the change had been made. To my delight, she also told me the name of my account manager – in six years, I never knew I had one!

A Great Idea: Despite being transferred twice, receiving wrong information, waiting for a callback, and being required to confirm my request in writing, there were many good things that happened.

First, my problem was resolved – let’s not lose sight of that. Next, I was given useful information (the name of the person managing my account). Thirdly, although the initial person I talked to misrouted my call, she did make an admirable effort to understand what I was calling about and who should handle it. Then, the final person I talked to did what she promised, promptly called me back, and confirmed everything in an email.

What I haven’t yet mentioned was something the second person did. After carefully listening to me and asking clarifying questions to ensure she understood what I wanted to accomplish, she astounded me by saying, “If the person I transfer you to can’t help you, call me back, and I will work with you until we find the right person.” She then confirmed her number and repeated her name.

She took ownership of my problem when she didn’t need to, giving me assurance that she would work with me in navigating her organization’s bureaucracy. This action was so customer-centric and soothingly comforting, but I’ve never had anyone else do it.

I think it’s a great idea that every organization should adopt; how about you?

Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Connections Magazine. He’s a passionate wordsmith whose goal is to change the world one word at a time.  Read more of his articles at PeterDeHaanPublishing.com.

[From Connection Magazine October 2008]

ATSI Convention Exhibitor Profiles

Compiled by Marie Glorieux, ATSI

AAPC — American Association of Paging Carriers
Phone: 866-301-2272
Linda Hoover

Alston Tascom, Inc.
Jeannette Steele
Evolution is a complete Call Center solution with a unified IVR, ACD, voice mail and logging system, with a SQL database, and blended inbound and outbound dialer capabilities. Tascom’s Web software empowers system access by clients and remote agents. Tascom offers hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services and Web-based appointment scheduling services.

AM Business Builders
Chuck Boyce
AM Business Builders provides telecom brokerage services working with a variety of regional and national carriers that have demonstrated a commitment to the telemessaging industry.

Jim Becker
Amtelco celebrated their 30th anniversary at the ATSI convention by releasing Infinity FirstLink – a powerful and economical small call center system designed specifically for call centers with one to four agent stations.

Barbados Investment & Development
Lolita Payne
The Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC is the economic development agency of the Barbados Government). BIDC facilitates the establishment and expansion of business enterprises in Barbados, especially in the area of Information technology services such as call centers, insurance claims processing, call center and activities, and offshore financial services. BIDC administers the government’s incentives program and provides a variety of free advisory services for companies seeking to do business in Barbados.

CadCom TeleSystems
CadCom provides contact center portal applications, delivering customer-oriented product, service, and business solutions through AccuCall product line, CadCom ServicePlus program, and CadCom Advantage Business Services. At CadCom Telesystems, Inc., their vision is to make call handling and message dispatching easy by creating the intelligent contact center and telemessaging solutions through innovative technology and services.

Linda Osip
CAM-X is a not-for-profit member driven association that was established in 1964 as an industry trade association representing telephone answering services and call centers. Member services provide networking and education opportunities including an annual convention and trade show, call center coaching clinics, webinars, a member list serve, and benchmarking awards programs.

John Pope
CenturiSoft specializes in unified communications solutions. It is an integrated solution that combines non-real time (voicemail, messaging) with real time (follow-me, call screening, bridging, conferencing) communications. Access can be by phone, VoIP, and instant messaging services.

CommPartners is a voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) facilitator enabling service providers to deliver on the promise of VoIP technology. Through its privately branded, turn-key VoIP solutions, CommPartners enables service providers to roll out competitive virtual, local, and long distance phone services.

Connections Magazine
Peter DeHaan
Connections Magazine is the leading source of industry information for the teleservices industry. They also publish a Client Affinity Newsletter for answering services to send to clients and AnswerStat magazine for hospital and medical related call centers; plus they operate www.FindACallCenter.com. Other services include custom periodicals for organizations seeking a cost-effective and professional print media presence. Supporting websites are available, as are email newsletters (see peterdehaanpublishing.com).

Creative Voice Solutions
Dave Reynard
Creative Voice Solutions (CVS) has built an advanced voice mail/unified messaging system. It allows Internet access to message, settings, faxes, and emails. It is capable of unlimited ports, a variety of server functions, and can be configured to run on Linux, Windows, or both simultaneously. Started in 1997 by David Reynard and Bruce Meyer, CVS

D@T Consultants
D@T Consultants provides network integration, security, anti-virus protection, data back-up, and remote office management.

DB Masters Software
Ron Kritzman
DB Masters provides a line of software and accessories for the telemessaging industry. Products include “The Billing Assistant” for TAS billing and receivables, “DBMSmail” tap to email gateway, and programs for storage and retrieval of archived messages.

Excel Specialisten XLS AB
Hans Wilhelmsson
XLScheduler is an agent scheduling program that makes workforce management easy and efficient. Graphical presentations and diagrams provide easy understanding of complex planning situations. The scheduling process analyzes your historical traffic and forecasts the number of agents needed for a given service level. Resources in terms of personnel availability and skills are maintained in the program.

Hays Affinity Solutions
Chris Jones/ Laura McCormick
Hays Affinity Solutions (HAYS) is the program administrator for the ATSI’s Professional Liability Insurance Program with offices in Washington, DC and 16 other locations throughout the country. HAYS has secured national presence in its 10 years of existence and has excellent working relationships with all leading insurance carriers.

Mackay Edge Assessment Group
Bryan Wempen
MacKay Edge offers an array of pre-employment testing tools for call centers.

Phone Supplements Inc.
Ken Jones
Phone Supplements Inc., is an authorized telephone headset distributor for Plantronics, Inc. They carry corded and wireless headsets as well as accessories. Contact Ken Jones at 800-201-6840 for pricing and a free catalog.

Professional Teledata
Patricia Kalik
Professional Teledata provides software products for the telemessaging and call center service industries.

  • PI-2000: order-entry platform for inbound applications and a suite of Web related enhancements.
  • PInnacle: an integration of the PI-2000 with all the features needed for telemessaging, dispatching, and digital phone switch interfacing.
  • ProDial-2000: a platform manager to conduct outbound campaigns.
  • Total Billing Solution (TBS): A Windows-based billing and invoicing system.
  • FMDS II: A fax delivery system for telemessaging and call centers.

Record/Play Tek, Inc.
Mike Stoll
Digital standard computer based voice logging recorders for operator headset, telephone, radio, room microphones recording. Search by Startel, Telescan, Morgan, or Amtelco account numbers. Back up to a standard DVD-R. It includes 9 channels and 175 days of recordings on its hard drive.

Steve Martin
RedLetter offers quality monitoring, recording, coaching, and workforce management applications to small and mid-size centers. They can specifically address the issues small to mid-sized centers face. RedLetter has an advantage in this space by offering an unmatched pricing structure created by the buying power of current customers.

Startel National User Group
Dan L’Heureux
SNUG offers a four chapter, platform-neutral, agent training program that takes the monotony out of teaching trainees. It is written with ATSI Award of Excellence protocols in mind and features a play-by-play breakdown of the call. It is designed for call centers using Amtelco, Axon, CadCom, Pinnacle, Startel, Tascom, or Telescan products.

Startel Corporation
Incorporated in 1980, Startel entered the integrated telecommunications products market by introducing a “paperless” message system and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). For the past 18 years, Startel has provided voice, data, database, and networking capabilities in a single platform for telemessaging call centers and other applications.

Szeto Technologies Inc.
Charles Szeto
Szeto Technologies provides call centers with complete communication services from TAS, switching, messaging, paging, direct connect, and dispatch. Their Linux based telemessaging system is a simple, smart, and cost-effective system that is customized to suit a call center’s individual needs.

TAS Marketing
Steve Michaels
For over 26 years, TAS Marketing and Steve Michaels have been brokering the sale of telephone answering services, voice mail bureaus, and call center companies. They also sell pre-owned telemessaging systems. With over $60 million in sales, TAS Marketing has sold over 300 telecommunications companies in the United States

Randy Ripkey
Specializes in billing and profitability software for the telemessaging industry. Users can print, fax, or email invoices with the click of a mouse. TasBill.com is also supported for fast, low-cost invoice printing and mailing. TasBiller is a powerful and complete billing solution that is easy to use.

Telescan, LLC.
Spectrum by Telescan offers call centers a full range of messaging solutions. Telescan also offers a series of companion products that can enhance the Spectrum’s capabilities or that can run standalone with other Windows-based telephony applications, including Spectrum On-Call Scheduler, Spectrum Appointment Scheduler, Spectrum Messenger, and Spectrum Vmail and Spectrum IVR. Visitors to Telescan’s ATSI exhibit in St. Louis were treated to a demonstration of Spectrum Data Saver, which provides protection from data loss due to disasters either to the software through viruses or to the business, such as fire. The Spectrum Data Saver program stores data in a secure, offsite location.   Subscribers can access the storage program through Telescan’s website. All data is stored in two secure remote locations, retrievable whenever necessary.

Wygant, Inc.
Adrienne McCarter
Wygant creates recording, monitoring, analytics, and voice processing systems that optimize workforce, increase revenues, and satisfy clients. Encore records and manages all customer contacts while CenterPlus evaluates and optimizes the performance of agents, scripts, and call-handling processes. Merge workforce management and training to increase your bottom line and satisfy callers.

[From Connection Magazine Jul/Aug 2005]

2003 ATSI Annual Convention and Expo Report

The 59th Annual ATSI Convention and Expo was held June 18 to 21 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida. Though the weather outside wasn’t ideal, the sessions and tradeshow inside were well worth the trip. The 2003 Award of Excellence winners were announced and Connections conducted its second annual Innovation Awards.

Next year’s ATSI convention will be in Vancouver, BC. Final details should be announced later this summer.

2003 ATSI Convention Exhibitors

In case you missed this year’s convention or could not take in the entire exhibit hall, the following is a list of the exhibitors along with their contact information:

Almond Hill Enterprises Inc., 714-637-3384
Contact: Douglas Duncan, dduncan@turboschedule.com
TurboSchedule Internet-based, appointment-scheduling & Turbo-On-Call Internet-based on-call scheduling.

Alston Tascom, Inc., 909-548-7300
Contact: Wayne Scaggs, info@alstontascom.com
Tascom Evolution contact center platform with unified IVR, ACD, voicemail, and call logging. Hosted IVR and Web-based appointment scheduling.

Appletree Technology Svc, 888-563-0040
Contact: Chuck Boyce, cboyce@appletreenet.com
VoIP in the Call Center, using Quintum products; authorized Master Agent for Paetec Communications

Amtelco, 608-838-4194
Contact: Kevin Ryan/Jim Becker, info@amtelco.com
Infinity messaging can call-processing and eCreator call scripting platforms; UltraComm message delivery system; Web-based conferencing eConference Link.

CadCom TeleSystems, 580-242-4636
Contact: J.R. Criner, info@onvisource.com
AccuCall CTI messaging system; AccuScript call scripting system; Portal unified messaging system.

Call Response Consultants, 866-292-1947
Contact: Vince McGlone
Call Response Software, a complete telemessaging system integrated with Artisoft’s Televantage PBX.

CenturiSoft / Phone and Wireless, 805-545-5400
Centuri Messenger: unified communications including unified messaging plus call control, conferencing, outbound calling, and notification options.

DB Masters Software, 847-634-3880
Contact: Ron Kritzman, Ron@dbmasters.com
The Billing Assistant billing system and other custom applications for the teleservices industry.

Exacom, 800-757-8184 extension 203
Contact: Don Bustamante, Donb@exacom.com
Hindsight-Net voice-logging with optional HIPAA compliant integration server.

idea! Communications Group, Inc., 303-909-5314
Contact: David Garrick, David.Garrick@ideacommgroup.com
Sells, orders, and supports telephone services in most US markets.

Peter DeHaan Publishing, Inc., 616-284-1305
Contact: Peter DeHaan, DeHaan@PeterDeHaan.com
Publishes Connections Magazine, AnswerStat magazine, TAS Trader, and Medical Call Center News, as well as provides call center and answering service locator sites.

Professional Teledata, 800-344-9944
Contact: Patricia Kalik, Pkalik@proteledata.com
Pinnacle telemessaging system; PI-2000 order-entry software package; TBS billing and invoicing system and FMDS II fax delivery system; ProDial 2000 outbound dialing manager.

Startel Corporation, 800-782-7835
Contact: Barbara Willis, BarbaraWillis@startelcorp.com
Provider of integrated voice, data, and networking solutions.

Szeto Technologies Inc., 877-697-9368
Contact: Sherry Gouel, Sherry@szeto.ca
Call Linx, a Linux-based messaging system, customized to suit individual needs.

TAS Marketing, 800-369-6126
Contact: Steve Michaels, Tas@tasmarketing.com
Specializes in brokering of telephone answering services and used equipment.

TASbill.com & TASbiller, 321-951-2273  extension 105
Contact: Chris Twigg, Info@TASbill.com
TASbill.com bill printing, mailing and emailing service; TASbiller billing software and profitability analyzer.

Telescan, LLC
Spectrum telemessaging system: Spectrum On-Call Scheduler, Spectrum Appointment Scheduler, and Spectrum Messenger encrypted instant messaging/chat.

[From Connection MagazineJul/Aug 2003]