TUNe Announces 2015 Conference

Amtelco Cloud-Based Platform Solution

The 2015 TUNe (Telecommunications Users Network, Inc.) conference will take place April 19-22 at the Hotel Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center, 5300 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, Florida. TUNe, an association of Telescan product users, is an active users group, which benefits Telescan, a division of Amtelco.

By furthering call center technology and efficiency, TUNe helps members by sharing new ideas.

At the conference, attendees can see the Spectrum Prism II technical preview and demo of its enhancements. Spectrum Prism® is a telephony server that connects the Spectrum system to a range of telephone services such as DID, ISDN, and T-1.

Spectrum Prism was designed with an open-ended architecture and a digital backbone, which improves reliability with additional features. Prism II is the next-generation Spectrum platform with fully software-based switching capabilities.

For more information about TUNe contact executive director Maryellen Pruitt at 618-696-8174 or pruitt1295@gmail.com.