Telescan Completes Level 2 Technical Certification

Seven Telescan users recently completed the first ever level 2 technical certification on Telescan equipment.  The five day training was sponsored jointly by Telescan and TUNe and was held in St. Louis.  Receiving the certification was: Robbie Parnell, Chris and Debbie Bibber, Becky Retherford, Tom Slye, Chris Stauch, and Kelby Carlson.

“This was very intense training,” said Debbie Bibber.  Attendees learned about “telephony and how to deal with the phone company, wiring, and everything about our hardware and software.  I thought the level 1 training was helpful, but this program gave us enough technical knowledge to disassemble a system and re-assemble it again.”

Patty Anderson, Telescan’s director of sales and marketing said, “We plan on providing level 1 certification at least twice a year and level 2 certification at least once a year.  It is our goal to have one person at each Telescan user with one Level 2 Certified person.  To encourage the certification, we are offering a discount on customer service for users with a Level 2 person on staff.”  Telescan hopes to add a lab component to future level 2 training.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

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