Professional Teledata Announces PInnacle Dashboard Accessory Program

Professional Teledata announced the availability of the Pinnacle dashboard accessory program for all Pinnacle customers.  The dashboard provides a real time visual display of key system metrics, including ACD queue status, agent status, message delivery status, and call traffic.  It provides an overall image of the key elements of call center load and performance.  Custom color coding allows managers to set graduated warning parameters for real time performance issues such as long hold times, excessive calls on hold, long calls, and so forth.   Further detailed screens may be displayed by clicking or “drilling down” on various components of the master screen, as desired by the supervisor or when warning signs appear.

Another powerful tool of dashboard is the real time traffic screen, which provides a graphic display of call activity, including calls offered, abandoned, ASA and abandonment rate.  Dashboard is designed with multiple monitor support in mind, so it can easily be run on a second monitor attached to a supervisory PC.   When used with a large screen monitor, dashboard easily serves as a sophisticated reader board.  Dashboard is available for use with both Pinnacle Freedom and premise based Pinnacle systems.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

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