PInnacle Freedom Processes 100,000,000th Call

Professional Teledata announced a milestone: PInnacle Freedom, the hosted TAS system, has processed its 100,000,000th incoming call. Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 10:21:13 a.m. came and went with little fanfare. There were no fireworks or pomp and circumstance when a caller from area code 717 became the 100,000,000th call to be processed through PInnacle Freedom. The hosted TAS system sat quietly at the co-location doing its job connecting hundreds of agents to millions of callers around the country and the world.

“Well, to be truthful there was a small celebration at the Professional Teledata corporate offices in Manchester, NH that consisted of a few ‘high fives’ among the hard working staff that make it all happen,” said VP Jim Graham. “After taking a moment to savor the milestone, we all returned to work growing the Freedom Platform and making it even more robust. Cheers to Answer Phone Tulsa for taking the momentous call!”

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