News Release: Connections Magazine Overhauls Website for Enhanced Usability and User Experience

Call center website enjoys easier navigation and increased functionality.

Feb. 2, 2015Grand Rapids, Mich.Peter DeHaan Publishing announced the completed overhaul of the Connections Magazine website, With the new site, content is easier to find, the search feature is more robust, and related content is automatically recommended for each page. Users will benefit by finding more content that is relevant and locating it faster. Readability, on all devices, is also greatly improved.

The new is powered by WordPress software, a leading website platform. “We began planning the conversion in mid-2014 and started the transition last fall,” said Peter DeHaan, PhD. “I’m thrilled with the clean look and easy navigation of the new site. Plus, it is accessible from mobile devices.”

First launched over fifteen years ago, the original site was showing its age, despite a series of ongoing enhancements and visual improvements over the years. “This is our third attempt to completely overhaul the site,” added the magazine’s publisher and editor Peter DeHaan. “The first vendor couldn’t make the graphics work with each of the major browsers, and the second vendor provided a mess that we would never be able to maintain.” Neither of these attempts ever went live.

“With WordPress, we were able to do all the work in-house,” added Peter DeHaan, who served as the project’s chief architect. “We were able to control each step of the process and not move forward until we were sure it was ready.”

With the new platform, the site will now enjoy periodic tweaks to continue to enhance its appeal and usability. “Now that is running on WordPress, making changes will be much easier,” Peter added.

“We’ve always focused on providing excellent call center articles, but the website’s form took a backseat to content,” said Peter. “Now, we have a great website to house our great content.”

The 2,000-page contains a complete archive of every article published in the magazine since 2001 and most of the articles prior to that. In addition to great articles, there is call center vendor information, an industry newsfeed, directories of outsourcing call centers, and several other resources.