Amtelco Introduces Intelligent Series 4.2

Amtelco Cloud-Based Platform Solution

Amtelco introduces version 4.2 of its Intelligent Series suite of call center applications. Details of this latest software upgrade were announced at the annual meeting of the National Amtelco Equipment Owners users group in March.

One of the enhancements is a new automated dispatching feature, MergeComm, which adds automated dispatching scenarios to Amtelco’s Intelligent Series platform.

Dispatch scenarios can run automatically based on an inbound trigger such as an email, scheduled to run on a recurring basis, or initiated by a call center agent, Web user running a Web script, or a third party application.

The new HTML message formatting provides a more professional email and fax deliverable to your clients. Messages created using Amtelco’s Intelligent Series scripting can be formatted for delivery via email and fax using an embedded HTML editor within the IS script editor.

IS system scripts is an enhancement which reduces the need for repetitive script editing for clients that share the same requirements.

IS mobile extends the functionality of Amtelco’s IS Web to Apple users. IS mobile is an iOS app that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iTouch devices.

In other news, Amtelco customer project manager Jana Olson was honored with the National Amtelco Equipment Owners (NAEO) Amtelco employee of the year award at the 2015 NAEO convention in Orlando, Florida. In 2009 Jana shared the award with project manager Megan Schroeter.

Jana earned her bachelor of arts degree with a major in French and a minor in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1995. She joined Amtelco as a trainer in 1997. Before moving to the project management team in 1999, Jana served as an installer and a field-engineering technician.

In 2000, she received Amtelco’s William J. Curtin employee of the year award, the most cherished award available to employees. Jana primarily works with answering service and Billing Link customers. Caring for Telescan customers was added to her responsibilities after Telescan’s acquisition by Amtelco in 2012.