OnviSource to Support Multi and Cross-Channel Analytics

OnviSource selected and integrated the Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE) for the OnviSource speech-to-text (STT) and transcription product, Captora™. Accurate speech-to-text conversion performed by Captora is crucial to OnVision’s text analytics, responsible for big data management, data mining, and trend analysis. Captora taps the power and accuracy of NTE to quickly transform massive amounts of voice and audio into text for rapid search and indexing by OnVision’s text analytics.

OnviSource offers OnVision™ to capture, unify, and analyze all data and media from the entire customer journey, including all systems and all multichannel customer interactions. The resulting actionable knowledge and trends are then used by OnVision’s decisionmaking engines for the automated launch of decisions and actions.

“OnviSource continuously investigates and evaluates the best STT engines available from the right partners in order to power its Captora transcription product,” said Art Yri, CTO of OnviSource. “Nuance Transcription Engine was selected and integrated to power our Captora after an extensive evaluation by OnviSource and due to its speed and accuracy.”

OnviSourceOnviSource enabled companies to costeffectively connect, interact, capture, unify, analyze, and automate their entire customer interactions and transactions.

Telescan Announces New Hires

AmtelcoThe Telescan Division of Amtelco continues to grow and advance the development of its Spectrum system in response to demand for a flexible, expandable software-based call center system. The Telescan team is growing to continue helping customers succeed.

Paul Schulte is joining the Telescan support services team in St. Louis, Missouri. Paul will provide phone support to Spectrum system users and assist in the internal operations of the St. Louis office. Brett Minster is joining the software development staff in St. Louis. Brett will be developing applications for Telescan’s next-generation switch, Prism II.

For more information contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or info@amtelco.com.


Spectrum Prism II Begins Beta Testing

AmtelcoThe Telescan Division of Amtelco has begun installation and field-testing of Prism II at beta sites. Prism II is the next-generation telephony switch for the Telescan Spectrum system. It provides a powerful and flexible soft-switching solution. The benefits for call centers include:

  • Increased call handling capacity without added hardware
  • Improved backup and recovery options
  • Real-time monitoring and activity logs
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Faster call setup

Call routing is enhanced with powerful features based on station, client group and skill level. Where the current Prism switch uses hardware to accomplish its telephony functions, the new Prism II is an entirely software-based switch built around Asterisk, a widely used open-source framework for building communications solutions.

For more information contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or info@amtelco.com.



Amtelco Releases Hosted Spectrum

AmtelcoSpectrum Prism is now available as a hosted service. Some of the advantages of hosting include increased call handling capacity without adding hardware or IT labor. And there’s no need for a support plan; it’s all included along with updates. Hosted Spectrum is completely scalable, which makes it ideal for startups. Stations are easy to add as needed.

Virtual call centers using hosted systems will become more prevalent in the coming years, especially as an element of the consolidation that is taking place in the call center industry. Virtual call centers will be much more flexible than traditional call centers, which are constrained by their locations, floor space, and physical agent positions. Use of a collocated call center solution breaks the call center away from the physical constraints and overhead costs of a building, equipment room, and back-up power.

For more information contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or info@amtelco.com.

2017 ATSI Annual Conference: Education, Networking, Fellowship

The Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) will host the 2017 annual conference, “Education, Networking, and Fellowship,” June 27-29, 2017 at The Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The conference will bring together industry leaders who will share and discuss important topics in the contact center and telephone answering service industry such as:

  • Hiring talent and training
  • Revenue enhancement techniques
  • Sales and marketing tactics

Additional sessions will explore topics such as, HIPAA agent training, business operations, and planning and financial management. This annual event also examines upcoming changes in legislation, telco competition, new technology, and equipment. The trade show and exposition, an integral part of the convention, provides an opportunity to view the latest in contact center equipment and technology.

ATSI’s mission is to promote and provide research into the development of the telephone answering and call center industries. Stakeholders can take advantage of becoming ATSI members and access a wealth of knowledge. ATSI members can:

  • Boost their TAS and contact center’s profits.
  • Participate in the Award of Excellence program, allowing businesses to be tested and recognized for quality standards.
  • Access ATSI University, offering a myriad of educational tools.
  • Use the ATSI listserv, providing access to colleagues and industry subject matter experts.
  • Forge ahead with industry trends and developments with the idea sharing member forum.

Registrations in early 2017 at www.atsi.org.

Executive Services Earns Gold Call Center Certification

The Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) announced that Allgood Communications, Inc, dba Executive Services, has re-qualified for a fourth time and has been awarded the Gold 24/7 Call Center Certification Award.

“This qualification is another milestone in our continuous investment in technology, people, and processes,” said April Kasza, Executive Services’ general manager. She continued, “Tom Sheridan, Executive Services’ president and part of the founding certification process, has committed to provide the highest quality services to our clients. Together, we are able to offer the best call center and information technology available, as well as innovative applications and quality service.”

The certification indicates that Executive Services has met or exceeded high standards in the following areas: business practices, life safety, operations, including normal and emergency procedures, personnel hiring, training, and ongoing evaluations through a peer review program focusing on 99.9 percent annual run time.

ATSI is an international trade association established by and for entrepreneurs in the teleservices business. This includes telephone answering services, voicemail services, telemarketing services, and any other business that provides enhanced communication services.

ATSI Recertifies Focus Telecommunications

ATSI - Association of TeleServices InternationalAssociation of Teleservices International (ATSI) announced that Focus Telecommunications has re-certified for the Gold 24/7 Call Center Certification Award after originally qualifying November 2004.

Donna West, president of Focus Telecommunications and an industry leader in quality education training products said, “I am delighted that this certification product is available along with other ATSI products that help to demonstrate a standard of quality to our clients and industry as a whole.”

Tom Reandeau, vice president of operations said, “Focus has been a long-time supporter of the ATSI certification program and along with the site certification, we also participate in the Agent, Advanced Agent, and Supervisor Certification Programs as well as the Award of Excellence and Award of Distinction for Call Centers, which helps to codify our commitment to excellence.”

The certification indicates that Focus Telecommunications has met or exceeded high standards in the following areas: business practices, life safety, operations, including normal and emergency procedures, personnel hiring, training, and ongoing evaluations through a peer review program focusing on 99.9 percent annual run time.

Amtelco Announces miSecureMessages v6.5

AmtelcoSignificant features are added in miSecureMessages (MSM) version 6.5, developed in collaboration with miSecureMessages Certified Partner program and MSM app users. Contact-based licensing, instead of device-based licensing, means miSecureMessages clients pay only for the number of contacts they have not the number of devices they have. Other features include:

  • Easier registration makes the mobile device app easier for call center clients to use.
  • Client permissions gives call centers the ability to grant specific permission-based client access to the miSecureMessages administration web thereby reducing labor costs.
  • Canned responses for groups add flexibility for commercial accounts. Each client organization can have a separate list of responses.
  • Added reports for both system administrators and clients.
  • Time zone of reporting is adjustable in system settings.
  • Performance improvements increase the speed of the app and server.
  • Custom app menu links allow call centers to provide clients with web links that can be accessed from the app’s menu, such as a link to Amtelco’s miTeamWeb or the call center’s support web page.

Amtelco works with call center partners to help market miSecureMessages to their clients. The MSM Certified Partners Program is unique in the industry, continues to grow, and currently has hundreds of successful members.

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148, www.misecuremessages.com, or info@amtelco.com.



John Freire Recognized with Allen Kalik Award

Professional TeledataJohn Freire of Direct Line Tele Response received the 2016 Allen Kalik Award. The announcement was made during the annual PINetwork User Group Meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire. The Allen Kalik Award was implemented in 2011 after the passing of industry leader and Professional Teledata’s late president, Allen Kalik. Honoring Allen, this award recognizes individuals whose unselfish dedication and leadership have led to the advancement of PIN.

“It was a personal honor and pleasure to be able to present the Allen Kalik award to John Freire,” said Phyllis Shaw, education committee chair of the PINetwork User Group. “John gives so much of his time to our group and is always available to share his knowledge with us. He is someone who thinks outside the box, and pushes us all to the next level.”

“I am honored and humbled to receive this award,” said Freire. “Allen was always giving back to PIN and eager to share his expertise and knowledge with anyone who was interested in learning.” Freire is the IT director at Direct Line Tele Response.

OnviSource Named “Hot Vendor” for Third Consecutive Year

OnviSourceSource announced that Ventana Research, a benchmark research firm, has recognized the company as “Hot Vendor” in the “2016 Workforce Optimization Value Index Report.” This recognition reinforces the company’s progress and commitment to enhancing the customer experience through innovations in enterprise workforce optimization, automation, and unification solutions.

This is the third consecutive year OnviSource has received an overall “Hot Vendor” ranking. The company also received a “Hot Vendor” in six out of seven designated Ventana Research categories, based on the company’s overall WFO platform.

“OnviSource is honored to receive the Hot Vendor ranking again this year. We continue to invest in enhancing products for the workforce optimization market and further expansion and development into customer experience management and other advanced business analytics solutions,” said Ray Naeini, chairman and CEO of OnviSource. “We do our utmost to assist our customers with the ability to react swiftly to their changing business needs, based on sound decisions, and created from multichannel and cross-channel analytics transformed into cognitive customer experience management.”

“We are pleased to award OnviSource the Hot Vendor ranking again this year. The company continues to release new and innovative products that enhance customer value, solidifying its role in the WFO market,” commented Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer, Ventana Research. “OnviSource is well-equipped to capitalize on the growing demand for workforce optimization and analytics in the industry with a strong value proposition and wide range of solutions.”