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Quality Voice & Data Attains Authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Status

Quality Voice & Data, Inc. (QVD), a national telecom carrier licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it has been authorized as a SHAKEN Service Provider by iConective, the STIR/SHAKEN administrator. QVD has met the rigorous requirements necessary to provide call attestation at the highest level for their customers.

To address the avalanche of complaints related to illegal scam robocalls in the U.S., Federal and State agencies and the telecom industry worked together to evolve the way callers are identified, including a way to trace back any call to its originator. On January 6, 2020 the Traced Act was signed into law and states: “The FCC must require voice service providers to implement the STIR/SHAKEN authentication framework on all IP networks and to take reasonable measures to implement an effective call authentication framework on all non-IP networks.” 

Today 95 percent of all US-based wireless carriers have already adopted the SHAKEN framework on their networks. Over the next year and half as full adoption by the wireline carriers is realized, order will be restored to the telecom infrastructure, and cell phone users will once again answer calls in confidence.

The guiding principle behind this new framework requires authorized SHAKEN service providers (telephone companies) to digitally sign their customers’ calls and most importantly, know who their customers are. Regulators will have easy access to identify the origin of any call because the SHAKEN digital signature will supply the required information. Any carrier, who fails to identify who their customer is, would be subject to losing their ability to sign future calls.

QVD’s Trusted Call Completion™ services help businesses maximize answer rates while protecting their telephone reputation. 

“We are thrilled to be part of bringing trust back to the telecom ecosystem—and more importantly ensuring the telephone numbers used by our customers have a good reputation” stated Dean Garfinkel, Quality Voice & Data CEO.

Founded in 2010, Quality Voice & Data, Inc. offers secure and reliable cloud-based telecom switching and VoIP services for customers nationally. Contact for more details.

ICMI Announces Contact Center Connections 2019 Keynotes

The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) announced that Colette Carlson, human behavior expert, and Jay Baer, inspirational expert on marketing, word of mouth, and customer service, will deliver keynote addresses at ICMI Contact Center Connections 2019, formerly known as ICMI Contact Center Demo. Carlson’s address is “Many Communicate, Few Connect,” while Baer’s topic is “Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Connect with Your Customers.”

In addition, the event will host a lineup of thought leaders who will present educational and inspiring sessions that address the importance of creating high-quality connections with customers and internal teams. “With this year’s keynote lineup, our attendees will hear from experts who have mastered the skill of communication and building connections, providing our audience with strategies that leave a lasting impression on customers,” said Patty Caron, event director, ICMI.

ICMI Contact Center Connections 2019 will take place October 28–30, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, IL.

Utility Expands Customer Interactions Using OnviSource Inspecta

OnviSource announced that an electric utility company successfully deployed OnviSource Inspecta feedback, notification, and response management software to intelligently automate outbound customer surveys and feedback, as well as cost-effectively manage customer notification and response related to critical service events and other general communications. The electric utility can better manage, measure, and improve customer engagement and the overall customer experience.

The utility company faced constraints on the number of notifications it could make in a given period, the length of time it required, the limitations of manual work, and the high cost of telecom services. Inspecta offered automation and management of surveys, notifications, and responses, as well as new telecom and VoIP-based technologies to reduce the telecom expenses and response time; while removing constraints on the number of notifications.

“Implementation of Inspecta in this application is another step toward attaining end-to-end customer experience management in the era of digital transformation that would give enterprises a holistic view of their interactions and customer service operations,” said Art Yri, chief technology officer at OnviSource. “Proactive outreach validates the trend in establishing customer satisfaction through automation and analysis of customer engagements, and by initiating communication with customers and garnering feedback to understand customer behavior and sentiment.

TAS Marketing Celebrates 40 Years

TAS Marketing-Steve Michaels and wife Chris.

Since 1979, Steve Michaels and his wife Chris have supported the industry selling various products such as the ACI teleprinter system, the AVI training program, and the DC 7 call management system, along with launching Connections Magazine. (Now published by Peter DeHaan.)

Recently the team has been one member short due to cancer, but Chris is on the mend and should be back at her desk in June. TAS Marketing sells six to ten businesses per year, now totaling almost 500 businesses sold.

The 2014 Business Reference Guide publicationfor entrepreneurs and business owners cites Steve Michaels as an industry expert when it comes to valuing telephone answering services. The publication quotes Michaels several times under the subsections of “Rules of Thumb,” “Pricing Tips,” and “Industry Trends.”

As a service to the industry, Steve publishes a newsletter “TAS Tips” which contains all kinds of information including new services for sale.

Reach Steve at 800-369-6126 or

MiSecureMessages Secure Messaging App 4.2.0 for iOS/Apple Devices

Amtelco released version 4.2.0 of the miSecureMessages secure messaging app, which businesses and healthcare enterprises use for secure communications. Version 4.2.0 features enhanced functionality with Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 users with Watch OS 5 or later can read and reply to secure messages. A new Apple Watch menu displays which accounts contain new messages.

Amtelco’s President Tom Curtin stated, “We are very excited to release this highly anticipated app update and would like to thank our customers who enthusiastically volunteered their time to test the update to ensure it would meet the needs of all of our customers. This new version will greatly improve communications with their clients.”

Customers may update the app from their iPhone’s App Store account. New documentation is available on Amtelco’s TechHelper website.

The miSecureMessages Apple app provides secure messaging and paging services for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It receives notifications of secure messages sent from the miSecureMessages Web Service via the Apple Push Notification Service. Users can view, respond to, and initiate messages to other miSecureMessages users within their organization.


For more information contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148,, or visit

Amtelco Announces Genesis IS Web Agent

Amtelco announced Genesis Intelligent Series (IS) web agent. The Genesis IS web agent application is a scalable client application that makes any personal computer a professional telephone agent station. The web agent integrates with both hard-wired legacy systems and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. The web agent is an integral component of the Intelligent Series (IS) call center system.

The web agent application is a fully functioning call handling application that performs directory searches, answer and transfer of calls, scripted messaging, dispatching, and on-call handling all with the portability of being accessible on a web browser.

The backbone of the web agent application is the Amtelco sandbox, a single-point-of-entry solution that enables agents to have available the most current information possible for processing calls and to bring each call to a quick resolution using that information. The sandbox search is a powerful search tool that allows you to perform actions such as directory searches, call transfers, and client account changes.


For more information about miSecureMessages, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148,, or

ICMI Releases Program for 2016 Contact Center Demo & Conference

Keynotes, workshops, tours, sessions, and networking to help customer service professionals succeed

ICMI, an industry resource for more than thirty years, announces the return of Contact Center Demo & Conference in Dallas. Focused on helping professionals improve customer and employee engagement, elevate satisfaction, and deliver results – the conference will empower attendees through a range of rich educational content.

The 2016 Contact Center Demo & Conference will take place October 25-27 at the Intercontinental Dallas in Addison, TX. Spanning three days, the 2016 Conference will explore the top trends of the contact center industry – including managing people, process, and technology. The combination of inspirational keynotes, in-depth educational sessions, hands-on workshops, tours of local contact centers, powerful networking opportunities, and a robust exhibit hall will heighten the knowledge and skill level of contact center professionals. More than 75 speakers across 50 sessions and 80 exhibitors will join forces to bring attendees an unforgettable week in Dallas.

“As customer service excellence becomes increasingly important, there’s more opportunity than ever for the contact center to contribute to its organization’s mission and bottom line. It’s critical for today’s customer management professionals to expand their skill sets by learning new techniques and processes,” said Patty Caron, ICMI Event Director. “Our event keeps professionals up to date on new practices, trending topics and technologies – all while expanding their network of industry connections.”

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD  for Connections Magazine, a contact center publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

News Release: Connections Magazine Overhauls Website for Enhanced Usability and User Experience

Call center website enjoys easier navigation and increased functionality.

Feb. 2, 2015Grand Rapids, Mich.Peter DeHaan Publishing announced the completed overhaul of the Connections Magazine website, With the new site, content is easier to find, the search feature is more robust, and related content is automatically recommended for each page. Users will benefit by finding more content that is relevant and locating it faster. Readability, on all devices, is also greatly improved.

The new is powered by WordPress software, a leading website platform. “We began planning the conversion in mid-2014 and started the transition last fall,” said Peter DeHaan, PhD. “I’m thrilled with the clean look and easy navigation of the new site. Plus, it is accessible from mobile devices.”

First launched over fifteen years ago, the original site was showing its age, despite a series of ongoing enhancements and visual improvements over the years. “This is our third attempt to completely overhaul the site,” added the magazine’s publisher and editor Peter DeHaan. “The first vendor couldn’t make the graphics work with each of the major browsers, and the second vendor provided a mess that we would never be able to maintain.” Neither of these attempts ever went live.

“With WordPress, we were able to do all the work in-house,” added Peter DeHaan, who served as the project’s chief architect. “We were able to control each step of the process and not move forward until we were sure it was ready.”

With the new platform, the site will now enjoy periodic tweaks to continue to enhance its appeal and usability. “Now that is running on WordPress, making changes will be much easier,” Peter added.

“We’ve always focused on providing excellent call center articles, but the website’s form took a backseat to content,” said Peter. “Now, we have a great website to house our great content.”

The 2,000-page contains a complete archive of every article published in the magazine since 2001 and most of the articles prior to that. In addition to great articles, there is call center vendor information, an industry newsfeed, directories of outsourcing call centers, and several other resources.

News Release: Connections Magazine Announces Three More Profit-Boosting Webinars

Email Marketing Webinar on May 20; Next Two on June 17 and July 15

Connections Magazine logoMay 19, 2014MATTAWAN, Mich. – In their continuing effort to help business owners be more successful amid a crunch of time and resources, Connections Magazine offers more webinars to help. “Participation in the first two webinars exceeded our expectations,” said Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and publisher of Connections Magazine. “Our co-venture with Voltos Business Training Team, to provide free monthly marketing webinars is taking off. This community service is directed at the outsourcing call-center and telephone answering service industry, but the principles apply to most any business.”

The professional webinars are commercial-free; there is no sales pitch at the end and there’s nothing to buy before implementing the ideas.

The next webinar is Tuesday, May 20, at 4 p.m. EDT, 1 p.m. PDT. The topic is “Send and Receive: Email Marketing.”

Other upcoming webinars will cover: “11 Secrets for Using Direct Mail to Grow Your Business and Increase Profits” on June 17 and “7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Get More Visibility and More Clients” on July 15. All webinars start at 4 p.m. EDT, 1 p.m. PDT.

News Release: Connections Magazine Unveils Profit-Boosting Webinars

First How-To-Market Webinar Scheduled for March 18; More to Follow Each Month

Connections Magazine logoMattawan, Michigan, March 17, 2014 – Getting more customers is hard and Connections Magazine offers a new free service to help. “Readers are busy running their businesses and often struggle with sales and marketing,” said Peter DeHaan, president of Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc and publisher of Connections Magazine. “In a co-venture with Voltos Business Training Team, we’re providing free monthly marketing webinars as a community service for the outsourcing call-center and telephone answering service industry.”

The webinars are professional, focused, and commercial-free. They cover new online methods plus traditional methods with a profit-boosting twist. Telephone answering service and call center marketing executives can tap into these proven methods revealed in the new Profit Jet Webinars, from Voltos and Connections Magazine.

The first webinar is Tuesday, March 18, at 4 p.m. EDT, 1 p.m. PDT. The topic is “Warning: Are Negative Online Reviews Costing You Sales?” Following it will be “The Three Secrets to Explosive Business Growth!” on April 15 and then “Send and Receive: Email Marketing” on May 20.

Future webinars, on the third Tuesday of each month, include:

  • How to Stand Out in Search Results to Attract Qualified Clients
  • The Seven Common Advertising Mistakes and What to Do About Them!
  • How to Use Follow Up Marketing to Uncover Increased Profits
  • The Best Seven Cheap and Easy Ways to Get More Clients
  • How to Attract Local Customers Through Community Involvement
  • Eleven Best Practices for Direct Mail to Grow Your Business
  • Twenty-seven Easy Ways to Radically Improve Your Website
  • Stop Selling and Start Teaching! Why the Best Marketing Doesn’t Look Like Marketing at All

To learn more about these free webinars, visit to sign-up, view the webinar schedule, and request webinar-notification.

[Connections Magazine is proudly published by Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc, Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD editor.]