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Amtelco Receives Madison, WI Top Workplaces 2022 Award

Amtelco received a Top Workplaces 2022 honor by The Wisconsin State Journal Top Workplaces. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by Energage, LLC. The anonymous survey uniquely measures fifteen culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization.

“Companies need to authentically represent their brand to job-seekers,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “The employee experience needs to be on the mission-critical list. Leaders who embrace a people-first culture will benefit greatly. By giving employees a voice and showcasing your authentic culture through employer branding, organizations can attract those job seekers who complement their culture. Culture drives performance.”

Amtelco is known for treating both employees and customers with respect. Matt Heron president and CEO of AnswerFirst, an Amtelco customer, said, “Working with the Amtelco folks has always been a pleasure, and I can’t say enough about you all. I am always impressed at your success in creating a strong culture, lasting relationships, and people-first support.”

Amtelco, a family-owned business located in McFarland, Wisconsin, has been a trusted name in call center systems, software applications, and secure texting technologies for over forty-five years. Every day by Amtelco systems process millions of calls around the world.

Founder Bill Curtin, II, and Amtelco have received more than 30 U.S. Patents for telephony software, data handling methodologies, and telephone switching devices. The company reflects Mr. Curtin’s ingenuity and generous. Amtelco has earned industry praise with its award-winning products and proudly supports local and international charities.

Amtelco and Telescan

Advances in technology is helping the contact center industry to grow and continue to be the hub of information. Amtelco CEO Tom Curtin is proud of the entire Amtelco employee team. He stated, “Thanks our dedicated employees, 2021 ended as the best year we have ever had in our forty-five plus years. Last year we added many new positions to our growing staff and are currently hiring for more positions this year to support our expanding customer base.”

AnswerNet Acquires Quality Contact Solutions

AnswerNet, a full-service provider of inbound, outbound, automated, and global BPO contact center services has acquired Quality Contact Solutions and its subsidiary QCS At Home.

The acquisition was officially finalized on December 31, 2021. As a result, AnswerNet retained all employees of Quality Contact Solutions. Chris Grothe, Quality Contact Solutions’ vice president of operations, was appointed to oversee the company.

Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) specializes in telemarketing call center solutions that achieve sales results for its clients. Their areas of expertise include B2B outbound marketing, B2C outbound marketing, TCPA call center consulting, and outsourced telemarketing quality assurance. Their experience covers a wide variety of industries for clients whose brands are world-renowned.

“We are very excited to welcome the Quality Contact Solutions team to the AnswerNet family,” said Gary Pudles, AnswerNet’s president and CEO. “As one of the most respected providers of call center services in the United States, Quality Contact Solutions offers additional telemarketing, BPO, and compliance expertise and bandwidth that our clients can take advantage of immediately. In addition, the disciplined experience the QCS team adds will benefit all facets of the AnswerNet organization.”

“I am proud of the Quality Contact Solutions team and what we have built in the last 15 years.” added Angela Garfinkel, the former owner of QCS. “With more than 1500 employees and 30 plus call center locations in the U.S., nearshore, and offshore, the combined resources of the AnswerNet companies and Quality Contact Solutions will give the QCS clients access to more services and operational efficiencies in 2022 and beyond,” said Garfinkle.

The Quality Contact Solutions acquisition complements the other brands included in the AnswerNet family of companies, which include business process outsourcing (BPO), telemarketing, education, nonprofit, answering service, appointment setting, and third-party verification.

New miSecureMessages Server Version Release

Amtelco announced the release of new server version 6.8 for their secure messaging app called miSecureMessages. This new server release contains many anticipated new features such as:

  • High Availability Configuration: Allows miSecureMessages configuration for multiple servers, with automated failover from one server to another if the primary server goes down. This feature provides continuous uptime during server upgrades and maintenance and prevents downtime due to a single server failure.
  • Genesis Protected Dialing: Phone calls placed from the miSecureMessages app displays the organization’s phone number instead of the device’s phone number.
  • Shared Device Licenses: Allows device registration for use by multiple miSecureMessages users, enabling organizations to provide their employees with a pool of devices to use at work and keep personal devices off the network.
  • Single Sign-On Identity Provider: Keeps track of passwords and performs authentication.
  • Dark Mode (for iOS): The app will switch to dark mode when used on a device that is set to the “Dark” appearance in the iOS settings. In dark mode, most screens display as white text on a dark background, instead of black text on a light background.

“We are excited to release this highly anticipated version of miSecureMessages,” said Tom Curtin, CEO of Amtelco. “I would like to specifically thank our group of customers who enthusiastically volunteered their time to test the app update to ensure it would meet the needs of all of our customers. Maintaining personal space while communicating with co-workers is critically important during the pandemic. We are proud to play a small part in protecting employees and their customers.” 

HIPAA and HITECH-compliant miSecureMessages is a secure messaging application. The app provides end-to-end encryption that enables staff to securely send and receive texts, photos, audio, and video files. miSecureMessages seamlessly integrates with existing software to improve an organization’s communication time. The app works on mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, and is available for Android™ and Apple® iOS devices. For more information visit

Amtelco, with a strong history in the telemessaging industry, was founded in 1976 to provide communication solutions to the answering service and medical messaging industry. Amtelco focuses on providing call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations and backed by top notch service and support. Millions of telephone calls are processed every day by Amtelco systems and software in operation in all fifty of the United States and more than twenty foreign countries. By working closely with customers, Amtelco continues to develop innovative features and products.

Amtelco Announces Intelligent Series 5.5

Amtelco announced the release of version 5.5 for their Intelligent Series (IS) suite of call center applications. Some of the new features include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Enhances the caller’s experience by utilizing machine learning to determine the optimal way to route calls based on prior call history. 
  • Genesis Conference Bridge: Conveniently provide concurrent multi-party conferences and expands infinity conference bridge with additional features to increase the control moderators have over conferences.
  • Speech Analytics: Provides a deeper analysis of call logs, including a transcript of the call and describing the overall tone of the caller.
  • Call Tracker Charting: New user-friendly charts and graphs added to IS supervisor reports to track call center performance. 
  • Expiring Licenses (for web agent connections): This feature can add web agent coverage during a holiday season or a special campaign.
  • Spell Check Languages: Intelligent messaging scripts now support Dutch, French, and Spanish spell check dictionaries. 

“The latest version enhancements make call processing easier by speeding up the call process,” stated Tom Curtin, Amtelco president. “They improve the caller experience and help increase accuracy.”

Amtelco logo

Amtelco has a strong history in the telemessaging industry and was founded in 1976 to provide communication solutions to the answering service and medical messaging industry. Amtelco focuses on providing call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, backed by top notch service and support. Millions of telephone calls are processed every day by Amtelco systems and software in operation in all fifty of the United States and more than twenty foreign countries.

Quality Contact Solutions Receives SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

Quality Contact Solutions, Inc, a leading outsource contact center and BPO company, received its SOC 2 Type 2 certification. 

This certification follows an extensive audit performed by A-Lign Assurance, a cybersecurity and compliance professional services firm. The audit confirms that Quality Contact Solutions’ information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security, integrity, availability, privacy, and confidentiality. 

“Compliance has become an essential component for companies to create trusted relationships with clients,” said Angela Garfinkel, president and founder of Quality Contact Solutions. “Data security is critical in today’s business climate. Our clients can be confident that we are committed to and making every investment to establish and maintain the most stringent controls needed to ensure the highest level of security and compliance.” 

The SOC 2 Type 2 certification is an independent audit assessing internal controls involving security, availability, and confidentiality of the data processed on behalf of customers, as defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Trust Services Criteria. As part of the audit, Quality Contact Solutions demonstrated robust data protection policies and procedures, including data security, confidentiality, and availability of data to those that have permission to access it. 

A copy of the SOC 2 Type 2 report is available to clients and prospective clients upon request.

Since 2007, Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) has established itself as an industry leader in contact center and BPO solutions, including B2B and B2C programs. QCS offers many contact center and telemarketing services, including outsourced sales, upselling, cross-selling, surveys, lead generation, sales lead qualification, appointment setting, inside sales, technical support, and inbound customer service.

Telescan Introduces Spectrum Health Monitor

Amtelco call center hosted services

Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the introduction of a new product, the Spectrum Health Monitor. The Spectrum Health Monitor was developed to make life a little easier for their customers.

The Spectrum Health Monitor automates regular troubleshooting steps and basic preventative maintenance to help prevent extended system down time. It actively monitors the individual system 24 hours a day. The Spectrum Health Monitor can monitor as many applications or services as needed. It is also able to monitor the status of the server to prevent serious issues, such as high CPU usage or low disk space, from becoming an issue that causes an outage. 

“We have created this tool to give our customers greater peace of mind through increased reliability, allowing them to focus on running their business while their Spectrum system runs itself,” stated Brett Minster, Telescan general manager.

Amtelco logo

Amtelco has a strong history in the telemessaging industry and was founded in 1976 to provide communication solutions to the answering service and medical messaging industry. Telescan was founded in 1976 to make TAS businesses more efficient and profitable. In 2012, Telescan merged with Amtelco to provide call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, backed by top notch service and support.

SA Hosted Unveils New Auto Dispatch Service

SA Hosted and Managed Solutions, a provider of virtual contact center services, announced that its Auto Dispatch module is ready for service. The new software is designed to streamline the entire dispatching process. Based on the client’s requirements, Auto Dispatch provides fast and error-free message delivery with the click of a single button.

“Auto Dispatch is a powerful tool for today’s answering service owners,” said Terri Paffile, SA Hosted senior manager. “Not only will they save the time their agents spend looking up instructions, but they will also save money by eliminating the need for extra agent resources.”

SA Hosted and Managed Solutions offers a full suite of customizable and affordable virtual contact center solutions. The company focuses on providing contact centers with the resources and technology they need to achieve the ideal customer experience, without a huge demand on their bottom line. By combining technology assets with the insight from their vertical partners, SA Hosted creates enterprise-wide solutions that maximize efficiency while minimizing development costs and capital investment.

Learn more at or email

Quality Contact Solutions Now SOC 2 Type 1 Certified

Quality Contact Solutions, Inc (QCS), a leading outsource call center and telemarketing company, announced that it is now SOC 2 Type 1 and HIPAA certified. The SOC 2 Type 1 and HIPAA certification report prepared by A-LIGN, a cybersecurity and compliance professional services firm, confirms the company’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 and HIPAA standards for security, availability, and confidentiality.

“At QCS, our priority has always been to protect our clients’ data and implement the highest security and privacy measures available, stated Angela Garfinkel, president and founder of Quality Contact Solutions. “Our SOC 2 Type I and HIPAA certification demonstrate our continued commitment. Having a respected third party confirm the strength of our systems validates our efforts.” 

Established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the SOC 2 examination is designed for organizations of any size, regardless of industry and scope, by ensuring the personal assets of their potential and existing customers are protected. SOC 2 reports are recognized globally and affirm that a company’s infrastructure, software, people, data, policies, procedures, and operations have been formally reviewed. 

Quality Contact Solutions expects to achieve SOC 2 Type 2 certification by the end of November 2021.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) defines policies, procedures, and processes required to protect electronically protected health information (ePHI). As the regulatory oversight related to HIPAA increases, healthcare providers and their business associates like QCS must ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.

Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) is a certified woman-owned business enterprise and an industry leader in call center and telemarketing services solutions, including B2B and B2C programs. For more information, visit

Amtelco’s Expansion Supports Future Growth

Amtelco call center hosted services

Amtelco recently completed an expansion and remodel of their facility that had been under construction for the past year. The expansion allows for additional employee workspaces as they continue to grow and add new products and services to support their customers’ needs. 

“This expansion supports our mission as we continue to work together to provide industry-leading solutions backed by five-star support,” said Tom Curtin, president of Amtelco. “Customer support is a top priority. Our workforce has increased by 15 percent in the past year to keep up with the needs of our customers.”

A remodel of the old production space was commemorated as the Joe Everly Courtyard. Joe Everly, CEO, has been a familiar face at Amtelco for over forty years. Tom Curtin stated, “We are proud to honor Joe Everly’s hard work, guidance, and dedication.” 

Recognized as a Top Workplaces employer, Amtelco is known for treating their employees like family. In appreciation of their employees, the remodel included a wellness room, HR benefits room, and updated breakroom. 

Founded in 1976, Amtelco has a strong history in the telemessaging industry to provide communication solutions to the answering service and healthcare communications industry. Amtelco focuses on providing call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, backed by top notch service and support. 

Amtelco Call Processing Application Rated “Avaya Compliant”

Amtelco call center hosted services

Amtelco’s Genesis Intelligent Series application version 5.4 is compliant with Avaya OneCloud™ Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions. This helps customers enhance call processing to prioritize critical calls and improve call routing and management. 

Amtelco’s solution is a call center software suite featuring multi-channel integrations with built-in speech recognition, text to speech, and voice services. The software helps customers track metrics with customizable reporting, enhance accountability with call logging and video screen capture, connect remote agents, and manage on-call scheduling. Customers can also run it in a virtual server environment or in the cloud. 

Avaya compliance-tested the application for compatibility with Avaya Aura® Session Manager 8.1 and Avaya Aura Communication Manager 8.1 via SIP trunk. Avaya is a global leader in solutions that enhance and simplify communications and collaboration.

“We are excited that our latest application release has successfully completed Avaya DevConnect compliance testing,” said Tom Curtin, Amtelco president. “Our mutual customers can confidently deploy it with the Avaya Aura 8.1 platform, helping them get more out of their communications infrastructure.”  

Amtelco is a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program—an initiative to develop, market, and sell innovative third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology. As a Technology Partner, Amtelco can submit products to Avaya for compliance testing, where a team of DevConnect engineers develops a comprehensive test plan for each application to verify its Avaya compatibility. 

This enables customers to confidently add best-in-class capabilities to their network without having to replace their existing infrastructure, helping speed deployment of new applications and reduce both network complexity and implementation costs.

Learn more about how Amtelco is part of Avaya’s DevConnect program