The Twelve Steps to Successful Telemarketing – Step Twelve: Post Close

By Kathy Sisk

Once you have received a commitment from your prospect, you need to reinforce or strengthen that commitment with a post close. Many agents are instructed, “Close and get off quickly.” In reality, what they’re being told is, “Close and get off quickly, before your prospect changes their mind!”

Provided you have followed your presentation as instructed, you do not need to be concerned. If you have received a “yes” response in Steps Six, Eight, and Nine and you were able to close effectively, remaining on the telephone and gaining additional information is just a part of your presentation, and your prospects will continue to be receptive.

The post close step will decrease cancellations, rescheduling, or no-shows. The post close serves to overcome the third fear point (“What have I done?”). Wouldn’t you rather have this surface now as opposed to later when you no longer have control? The following is a checklist of what you need to do in your post close:

  • Highlight points that are in the prospect’s best interest.
  • Offer motivating words of encouragement to bring excitement to the idea.
  • Ensure that all decision makers will be present for the appointment.
  • Ask open-ended questions that will further your direct presentation.
  • Remind the prospect of his or her commitment to you.
  • Go over scheduled appointments or delivery dates.
  • To end your conversation, add any other ending in your close that would fit in at this point.
  • Thank the prospect for their time and consideration.
  • Never hang up first.

The following is an example of a post close:

“Thank you for your order. To ensure that your product arrives to you in a timely manner, I need a little more information.

  • To whose attention should I send it?
  • What is the correct spelling of your last name?
  • What department should I direct this to?
  • What is your billing number?

“Thank you for the additional information. I will process your order today, and you should expect your package within the next three weeks. Should you have any questions or concerns, ask for me, Debbie Smith, and I will be happy to assist you. Is there anything else we need to consider before I finalize your order? Have a terrific day!”

Congratulations! With the exception of Step Ten: Objections, you have completed the rest of the twelve steps. In the next issue I will begin teaching you on how to overcome objections.

Until then I encourage you to spend time daily studying, learning, and applying each of the twelve steps. Within thirty days of a committed effort, you will notice a marked improvement in your prospecting and selling efforts. Don’t be interested in merely learning the information – make a strong commitment to get good at using the steps on the telephone. Besides your voice, this is the most valued tool you have.

Kathy Sisk is CEO of Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc.

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[From Connection Magazine November 2012]

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