Invest In Yourself

By Susan Mealer

Stocks and home values may be falling, but education will never lose its value! As business owners today, more than ever before we need to be in touch with what will help us grow our businesses. The two-day Owner’s Forum sponsored by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) will be dedicated to building a world-class culture in your business.

“I don’t need advice on culture,” you may be thinking, but culture is what determines the service you provide. If you want to provide world-class service, for which you can charge more without apology, you need a world-class culture in your company. A world-class culture also means fewer attendance problems and greater longevity among your staff members.  Your culture determines your success in all areas.

There is no better month than January, the month of resolutions, to begin creating a better culture in your business by spending a few days recharging your batteries and renewing your dedication to your business. The ATSI Owner’s Forum is just about guaranteed to help.

The first day, Jack Daly, renowned businessman and speaker, will talk about the power of having engaged, energized employees who have “bought in” to your company, your culture, and your customers. He will share how to create a place where people want to come to work, how to find those people, and how to help them to succeed. “Jack has so much energy, it’s almost like he’s been shot out of a cannon!” said John Ratliff, president and CEO of Appletree Answering, who has been listed on the INC. 500 three times. “Every time I attend a forum I come away with ideas to make my company stronger and more profitable. My greatest responsibility as a business owner is to bring this kind of information back and teach my senior employees how to use it.”

Gary Pudles, president and CEO of AnswerNet, concurs. “If my company isn’t producing the way I want it to,” he said, “it’s because I haven’t brought the necessary excitement, encouragement, and education to my business. The ATSI Owner’s Forum is one place that I can count on to charge my own batteries! I’m especially looking forward to hearing Cameron Herold speak on the second day. Cameron, as the former chief operating officer of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, was a leading force behind its growth from a $2 million company to a $105 million company in six years. Since the company has its own in-house call center, his insight will have special meaning for me.”

“We are fortunate,” added Charlene Glorieux. “This is the third Owner’s Forum sponsored by ATSI. The first, held in 2006, came as the result of a gift from Betty Porter, president and CEO of Ansaphone. Betty wanted to do something special to commemorate the 60th anniversary of her company and made a significant donation to ATSI to use to further educate our members. When the board decided to resurrect the Owner’s Forums of the 1980s, Betty asked Gary Pudles to help make such a thing happen.”

The 2009 ATSI Owner’s Forum, which begins at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, January 12, 2009 and ends at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 14, 2009, will be held at the Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz, California. For more information, please call ATSI at 1-800-347-9226.

 Susan Mealer is the CEO of Answering Advantage, and she credits past Owner’s Forums for the recent growth and success in her business.

What Past Attendees have to Say About the ATSI Owners Forum

“The 2008 ATSI Owners Forum was my first experience with this particular offering from the association. As an industry veteran, I was pleasantly surprised with the takeaway value provided to attendees. I am looking forward to the 2009 Owners Forum.” Doug Swift, president & CEO, TigerTel Communications Inc.

“The Owners Forum is just what our industry needed. The two days are loaded with professional advice from speakers who know their stuff. When you leave, you’re not only thrilled that you attended, but you can’t wait to get home and begin implementing some of the gems you’ve gathered. By far, this is one of the biggest benefits ATSI has ever delivered to us. If you’re interested in making your business a better business, then I would strongly encourage you to come join in this experience.” Kim Starr, president, CEO, Alert Communications

[From Connection Magazine December 2008]