ATSI 63rd Annual Convention & Expo Vendors

Vendors at June 20-23, 2007 ATSI Convention

Agility Recovery Systems

Onsite recovery plans for small to mid-sized businesses from $250 per month.

Alston Tascom, Inc.Contact: Jeannette Steele, or 909-548-7300

Alston Tascom’s Evolution is a single-point, end-to-end contact center solution. It is powered by a unified IVR, ACD, voicemail, and logging system, integrated with robust ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) connectivity to SQL database. Tascom’s Web software empowers systems access by clients and remote agents. Additionally, Tascom offers a complete hosted contact center solution with IVR services.

AmtelcoContact: Jim Becker, or 800-356-9148

Amtelco provides CMI (Client Management Intelligence) that allows any call center to use CMI to keep track of communication with clients and prospects, as well as to establish a system of measuring, monitoring, and increasing client satisfaction. Amtelco’s InfinityIS (Intelligent Series) is the next generation of message handling and provides leading edge technology.

CAM-XContact: Linda Osip, or 800-896-1054

CAM-X is a not-for-profit member driven association that was established in 1964. Member services that provide networking and education opportunities include their annual convention and trade show, call center coaching clinics, webinars, list serve, and benchmarking awards programs.

CenturiSoftContact: John Pope, or 949-459-8476

CenturiSoft specializes in unified communications, an integrated email, fax, and voice system, which can reduce communication expenses. Centuri Messenger provides all the features of stand-alone systems at a fraction of the cost. Centuri Messenger combines non-real-time services (voicemail, messaging) with real-time services (follow-me, call screening, bridging, conferencing, ACD) in one package.

Convey Communications/AltigenContact: Kirk Owens, or 405-535-0175

Convey provides VoIP system sales and installation, as well as various telephone services.

Copia InternationalContact: Dorothy Flanagan, or 800-689-8898

Copia produces email, voice, and fax software that can integrate with telephone systems.

Creative Voice SolutionsContact: Dave Reynard, or 727-562-6411Creative Voice Solutions (CVS) has built a unified voicemail messaging system.
Excel SpecialistenContact: Hans Wilhelmsson, or 46-31-25-8490

XLScheduler is a call center agent scheduling and optimization tool.

Global FoneContact: Allen Niven at 646-428-0700

Global Fone provides agent skill set routing, speech recognition, appointment scheduling, and IP-based agents.

Golden West TechnologiesContact: Randy Thomas, or 605-721-1070

Golden West Technologies provides a wide range of data and networking solutions.

Hays Affinity SolutionsContact: Chris Jones, or 202-263-4012

Hays is the program administrator for ATSI’s Professional Liability Insurance Program.

OnviSourceContact: Jessica Moore, or 800-537-1827

OnviSource offers vertically integrated customer interaction management solutions, hosted applications, telecom access services, and outsourcing services. OnviCenter 5.2 delivers an integrated suite of OnviCord, OnviTrax, OnviCall, and OnviNet with new features such as intelligent workload distribution, auto-scripting, data mining, and new business applications. It is managed through a centralized database, using a single management console.

Outsourcing International ServicesContact: Doris Primicerin, 800-785-4766 or

24-hour agent outsourcing

Professional TeledataContact: Patricia Kalik, or 603-625-9014

PInnacle from Professional Teledata combines the latest technologies with innovative operational procedures to maximize call handling efficiency and profitability. Scripted messages are captured as database elements to enhance decision-making and automate processing. Also, Total Billing Solution (TBS) and FMDS fax systems are long-standing industry products.

Startel CorporationContact: 949-863-8722

Startel is a provider of integrated voice, data, and networking solutions for call center facilities. Startel’s products provide call centers with the flexibility, performance, management control, and scalability to deliver services to any market, offering the shortest path to higher revenues and lower operational costs in key industries such as telephone answering services, healthcare, and higher education.

Szeto Technologies IncContact: Charles Szeto, or 877-697-9368

Szeto Technologies provides call centers with complete communication services including TAS, switching, messaging, paging, direct connect, and dispatch. The Linux-based TAS system is a simple, smart, and cost-effective system that is customized to suit a call center’s business needs.

TASBillerContact: Randy Ripkey, or 706-860-0868

TAS Biller is an easy-to-use billing and profitability program. User customizable invoices can be printed, faxed, or emailed. TASBiller imports billing data from all major telemessaging systems and offers a variety of reports. A downloadable demo is available on their website.

TeamSNUGContact: Dan L’Heureux, or 800-317-8529

TeamSNUG provides agent and supervisor training videos.

Telescan LLC

Contact: Patty Anderson, or 314-426-7662

Telescan has designed solutions for inbound call centers for over thirty years. Telescan’s Spectrum Prism, the core of Telescan’s Spectrum Messaging System, enables users to interface with any telephony protocol and output to any protocol on an account-by-account basis. Other products include: the Spectrum On-Call Scheduler, Spectrum Information Server, Spectrum Messenger, Spectrum Vmail, and Spectrum IVR.

[From Connection Magazine Jul/Aug 2007]