Connections Magazine Vendor Profile Submission Guidelines

A feature of Connections Magazine is our Vendor Profile, which allows us to provide additional coverage for our sponsors. The focus on the Profile can be a company overview, product review, or customer case study.

Vendor profile articles are included as part of our Connections Magazine sponsorship packages. This document is provided so that you can write a compelling and effective piece.

Overview: Each issue of Connections Magazine can include a Profile of one of our sponsors. It can be a company overview, product review, or customer case study. These articles will also be put on the Connections Magazine website.

General Guidelines: Your vendor profile should be written in the third person, from the perspective of an outside person reporting on your organization. The length may be up to 1,200 words.

Copy: It should read like a news report. Unlike articles you may mention your company name or promote your products or services in the copy.

Editing: All submissions will be edited for content and length at the sole discretion of Connections Magazine. It is not practical for edits to be reviewed by your company prior to publication.

Non-writers: If you do not have the staff or the time to write your Profile article, we can have a professional writer who, for a fee, will interview you and write your Profile.

Submission: All vendor promotions must be submitted via email, attached as a Microsoft Word document.

We look forward to receiving your Profile article and sharing it with our readers; these guidelines will help us to achieve this goal.

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