Connections Magazine Circulation Information

Connections Magazine Distribution and Demographics

Connections Magazine is sent worldwide to industry professionals, decision makers, and influencers in the teleservice call center industry. As an advertiser supported publication, distribution is free to qualified readers. International subscriptions are via email. US-based subscribers have the option of receiving their copy via email or US mail. Our email subscribers receive their copies about one week prior to mail subscribers.

Our mailing list has been compiled from phone requests, subscription applications, industry association membership lists, and vendor referrals. We are in a constant state of maintaining and updating our database, as well as adding new subscribers and removing out-of-date names. Our circulation is 8,000 (about 6,000 are print subscribers and about 2,000 are email subscribers). It is broken down as follows:

Connections Magazine circulation graph

  • CEO: 35%
  • Call Center Manager, COO: 24%
  • Vice President: 12%
  • Director: 11%
  • Call Center Supervisor: 5%
  • Technical (CIO, IS, Telecom, Analyst): 5%
  • Sales and Marketing: 4%
  • Support Positions (CFO, Accounting, HR, Legal): 3%
  • Call Center Agent: 2%

Connections Magazine circulation by industry segment

  • Teleservice Call Center: 83%
  • Consultant/Miscellaneous: 6%
  • Industry Related: 5%
  • Industry Vendor: 5%


We maintain the integrity of the mailing list by using the USPS Change of Address Service for each issue mailed.  This facilitates the timely and accurate delivery of each issue to every subscriber. We also encourage readers to submit address updates via website, phone, or email.

We have opted to not have our mailing list formally audited. This is in part because the cost to do so would push up advertising rates, but more importantly because we believe that the audit process actually diminishes the overall value to our magazine’s advertisers, by inadvertently removing interested readers, while allowing disinterested parties to continue to receive mailings under the guise of subscriber solicitation.

No doubt your personal experience with this is no different from our own. How many times have you been dropped from the mailing list of a magazine you regularly read, enjoyed, and anticipated? Conversely, how many times have you continued to receive your “final notice” on publications in which you had little or no interest? These are side-effects of the auditing process. The net results are that legitimate readers are dropped and disinterested ones are included. This reduces the value and impact of advertiser investment.

We believe our approach to be more enlightened. If a reader wants to stop receiving Connections Magazine, they are immediately removed from our mailing list and there are no further mailings or communication. For existing qualified readers, no annual re-qualification process is required, though we do take several approaches to confirm their ongoing participation and interest in the industry. We also use renewal notices to readers who we have reason to suspect may no longer be qualified to receive the magazine.

Our electronic distribution is worldwide, covering 55 countries, with the top five international destinations being Canada, India, the Philippines, Australia, and South Africa. Additionally, there are many US-based subscribers who have opted to receive their issues electronically, thereby reducing paper consumption and receiving their copy early.


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