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Connections Magazine: Call Center & Contact Center Magazine

Feature Coverage:

Enhancing Employee Engagement

From the Publisher: What's Your Technology Strategy?

Guest Column: You Have a Choice for Sending Secure Messages

Vendor Spotlight: OnviSource

Connections Magazine is distributed to qualified readers at Call Centers, Contact Centers, and Teleservice Companies.

Also in this Issue:

Key Reasons to Keep Your Existing Contact Center Technologies

Three Ways to Boost Contact Center Profits with the Cloud

Call Center Culture

Achieve the Right Balance of Points, Prizes, Badges, and Social Recognition

The A and B Agent  ...and more


Connections Magazine is the clearinghouse of information for
the call center, contact center, and teleservice industry.


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Connections Magazine is the premier magazine for the Teleservices Call Center Industry and is distributed to qualified readers at Call Centers, Contact Centers, Teleservice Agencies, Phone Answering Services, and Telemessaging Companies. Connections Magazine covers all topics related to call centers, including agent hiring, training and retention, sales and marketing, CRM (customer relationship management), case studies, future trends, legal considerations, order-entry, employee issues, and acquisitions. It also includes technical coverage on call center switches, telemessaging systems, VoIP, remote agents, hosted services, voice mail, call recording (voice logging), ISDN, the Internet, unified messaging As such, Connections Magazine is a source for news, information, and whitepapers for call centers, contact centers, teleservice companies, telephone answering services, and telemessaging call centers. This site includes the popular buyers guide, teleservices glossary, area code charts, event listing, and legal consideration for call recording. Connections Magazine is made possible by our advertisers.

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